@ric96 I think the i.MXRT line is derived from a cut-down i.MX SoC, which is very different from a purpose-built MCU. They mention both Kinetis (ex-Freescale) and LPC (ex-Philips) MCUs in the announcement, and I guess they want to have a common product line for new things without having to give up one line in favor of the other one.


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Today in @AsahiLinux@twitter.com Headquarters : @marcan42@twitter.com and @LinaAsahi@twitter.com arguing over M1 GPU driver 😅 (feat. @alyssarzg@twitter.com, @svenpeter42@twitter.com and @soundflora@twitter.com)

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The rest of the current list is incredibly boring: AMD keeps taking market share from Intel, and all non-x86 machines are exactly the same ones as before:

Five Fujitsu A64fx (down from six), one ThunderX2, seven POWER9, one ShenWei, and four NEC SX-Aurora.

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The new top500.org supercomputer list is out, with the first (official, ignoring China's 2021 machines) ExaFLOPS computer.

I worked on Roadrunner, which was the first PetaFLOPS machine 14 years ago, and that was 11 years after the first TeraFLOPS machine, ASCI Red.

The power consumption for #1 went up from 850kW on ASCI Red to 2.3MW for Roadrunner and now 21.1MW for Frontier.

@neil If you can wait a few more months, you could consider a new Dacia Jogger. It's big inside and costs less than a lot of comparable used cars. The hybrid version is said to launch for the 2023 model year, but that usually means late 2022.

@jwildeboer For cookbooks, get one by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Also, find a cookbook for simple Indian dishes you like.

If you don't mind the super-processed food and want a quick meal, start with the stuff from Rügenwalder Mühle, it's consistently edible and widely available, while many other brands tend to have some stuff that's just not worth getting.

If you prefer cooking from scratch, I'd suggest shopping at the local Asian store, ask for fresh Tofu rather than the packaged stuff

@jwildeboer I guess that would result in European airlines losing the right to fly over Russia to east Asia.

This in turn might divert an annual (pre-pandemic) $1bn in overflight fees from the Russian budget into burning more fossil fuel for sending tens of millions of passengers through Anchorage or Dubai instead.

@kgerloff get the business models: Thinkpad X/T/P series, Dell Latitude, HP Probook, etc, not the consumer models that don't last as long. Brand doesn't matter as much as product line.

Core i5/i7 from the 6000 (Skylake) or 7000 (Kaby Lake) generation are the best value, as those don't support Windows 11 but are just as good for Linux as the slightly newer models.

Make sure RAM is upgradable to at least 16GB, install as much as your budget allows.

very happy to have been able to help the current #netfilter core team to conclude a settlement with Patrick McHardy ensuring any future #GPL enforcement is backed by majority of the [then current] core team: lore.kernel.org/netdev/Ye6jCQm

@LaF0rge you did ask for it to be kept around two years ago when we killed off i4l and capi.

I can't see any reference to the driver ever getting submitted upstream, but it does seem odd that there is a copy in mISDN.git when the rest of that tree is close to mainline.

@LaF0rge Are there any notable differences against the version that comes with the mainline kernel? I thought this tree is mainly for backports from mainline to let the driver work on older kernels.

@geert @LaF0rge @mansr @penguin42 Looking at the git history of linux/sctp.h, I only see commits from a single developer, who probably never understood the mistake they made over and over.

Most likely they only ever test on embedded systems by building the entire distro from source, using a particular kernel, and the corresponding headers for building all of user space. If you do this consistently, you never know that anything broke...

Die @coronawarnapp@twitter.com hätte ja auch das Schnelltestprofil einfach „Check-in Daten“ nennen können und ein einfaches Backend Stricken können und - Zack. Verordnungskonformes Einchecken ohne Luca. Cc @HonkHase@twitter.com

@arnd@kernel.social @monsieuricon I've moved over to society.oftrolls.com now. @tbr has offered to provide hosting for anyone else who wants to migrate off kernel.social as well.

Today is the official last shipment date for Intel itanium processors, as announced a few years ago. Apparently you can still order them from HP, though.


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