A spaceship landed. Its door dilated. A robotic arm extended. It held a face mask.
"Take this to your leader."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I'll consider getting a 3D printer when they become a tool rather than a hobby. Consider a hammer. There are no hammering "communities" where people bang on about their hammers and share drawings of things to bang on.

Strange companies lying around in ponds distributing codecs is no way to choose an industry standard

If you're not the most evil person in the room, you're getting screwed.

Yay. 😃 A new translation of the book, "Kiki’s Delivery Service" by Eiko Kadono, is out. Yes, this was the book the Studio Ghibli movie was based on.


#Movies #Books #StudioGhibli

And also meet the resident chemical cat. 🙂

"Why are some people allergic to cats? Why does cat pee smell so bad? And why do cats love catnip? This graphic looks at some of the answers!

I’ve recently become a cat owner: meet Linus (Pawling)!"


#Chemistry #Biology #Cats

CERN’s Giant 94,000 eBook Library Gives Open Access to 126 New Books

The Library had previously made more than 94,000 eBooks available to the CERN community.


My Meyers-Brigg personality type is "kitten walking on keyboard while you work"

This is so fitting about by Nat Sharpe.
As someone put it in the replies:
Death Star bad - Flower good!

Trolling idea: file a bug report claiming that a sleep for a period including two leap years delays by the wrong amount.

Bunnie Huang's initial look at the Singapore Contact Tracing Tokens to be introduced. Also includes a brief look at the EU's Simmel project.

In short, a hardware token is better than an app in the trade off between privacy and health for contact tracing.


#Singapore #COVID19 #ContactTracing

If master-slave isn't the terminology you want to use in your project, use master-blaster instead.

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