An unusual side-effect of the Yahoo! Groups shutdown. It affects an informal system of distributing announcements about phone number assignments in the UK, which is done via a Yahoo! group. 🙂

#Phones #Infrastructure #UK

An article on the influential Philips UcD Audio Amplifier, a Class-D Audio Amplifier: "It helped unleash a wave of design work at other firms that finally pushed class-D amps into the mainstream. Today, it is a virtual certainty that you own at least one class-D unit, in your home, car, smartphone, or smart speaker."

#Technology #Engineering #Audio #AudioAmplifiers #History

A review of "The Crowd and the Cosmos: Adventures in the Zooniverse" by Chris Lintott, talking about the Zooniverse projects and about citizen science in general, and how such projects are helping research and democratising science.

#Science #Research #Books #Reviews #CitizenScience

@trini If you want to call some software "motherfucker," go right ahead. I won't be offended.

As I just boosted something about Glimpse I'd just like to remind everyone that many of us (and you) are old enough to remember that the whole point of the other project's long form name was that it could be called the other thing for short as it's funny! Remember the Tarantino movie? Say what again motherfucker! Other memorable lines! But after over 20 years maybe it's OK to admit some jokes just don't age well?

Help! I have been nerd-sniped by this park and can't leave until I figure out this puzzle.

Wow. A look at how the Sinclair ZX80 works.

"[T]he first thing to know about the ZX80 is that, unlike most other computers, it's main job is not to run your code. That's very much a side task. The thing it spends most of it's time doing is drawing a picture on the TV screen. [...] Unlike most other computers of it's era, it doesn't have a video chip."

#RetroComputing #Computers #ComputerHistory #Sinclair #SinclairZX80

Harry Potter and the Unauthorized Copying and Distribution of Scientific Publications

Interplanetary Earth

Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL, ESA, NASA & NASA/JHU Applied Physics Lab/Carnegie Inst. Washington #APoD

One genetic abnormality is inheriting more genes from one parent than the other (two sets of one gene from one parent, none from the other, for example). Usually associated with spontaneous abortions or disabilities, it now turns out 'normal' people may be living with this condition, as more genetic testing has revealed.

#Genetics #Health #Biology

So I'm sure you're all familiar with the UN projection of the Earth that puts the Arctic at the center and shows all the land, but let me present to you the inverse of that, the Spilhaus projection, which centers the map on Antarctica and shows the world's ocean as the single, continuous mass of water that it is.

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