Things that zoom still doesn't have in the year 2021: playback speed selection and fast forward

1) Google deprecates cloud print
2) Millions of devices still out there
3) RPC endpoint turned down
4) Devices retry immediately without backoff
5) DoS

Fascinating stuff about research into why biological 'inner clocks' tick at different speeds for different species.

"If results from studies of the segmentation clock are true, this tiny, fleeting timepiece could help to reveal the existence of deeper, biochemical principles that shape all our lives."

#Research #Biology #Nature #Development #Biochemistry

I wish the Primanti Bros. would do delivery to Germany. 🍔

This sounds good.

"Excellent news today: we have word of the most effective malaria vaccine yet discovered. A year-long trial in Burkina Faso has shown 77% efficacy, which is by far the record, and which opens the way to potentially relieving a nearly incalculable burden of disease and human suffering."

#Vaccines #Health #Malaria

Tomorrow is ✨girls' day✨ !
I'll mentor in two workshops (one by and one by
Taking about life, tech, code & genart 👩‍💻

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If I learned one thing in the past year, it is that people love to loath each other.

I don't think I have ever seen so much negativity surface in such a short time as in the past year.

This is a friendly reminder that time is a four cornered cube.

die wirklich wichtigen fragen des kunststudiums: wie attributiere ich schlechte memes in meiner abgabe

Forget Dvorak. For the ultimate typing efficiency, we need a dynamic layout that changes based on the last typed character, putting those most likely to follow in easy to reach locations. Many common words could then be typed by simply pressing the same key repeatedly. Or maybe alternating keys is faster. Studies are needed.

FSF bullshit 

The fact the FSF is doubling down on RMS and effectively saying "we need him" is telling. It means they have a cult that can't survive without him, not a sustainable and vibrant organisation.

One day, RMS is going to die. This isn't an ominous threat or something, it's just what happens to everyone eventually. It could be tomorrow, or it could be 40 years from now. Realistically, the guy is 68. He is probably going to die within most of our lifetimes.

If the FSF cannot survive without RMS, then the FSF has no long-term future, by this simple fact alone. Not that open source or FOSS needs the FSF. It will survive with or without them, and continue with or without them.

If people can't accept that, then that's just too bad.

I just found a place that sells pans for those who want the best of the best pans:

Unfortunately the prices reflect that. 😅

'Pronouncing “lootcrates” like a greek philosopher just to stress out gamers' (seen on other site)
Aaargh, can not unsee/unthink! 😂
Too bad (?) that I never talk to anyone about such topics.

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