Might be an interesting read.

"The Origins of You: How Childhood Shapes Later Life
Jay Belsky, Avshalom Caspi, Terrie E. Moffitt & Richie Poulton
Harvard Univ. Press (2020)

Decades of data on the legacy of childhood experience for adult health and wealth should help policymakers plan for future well-being, shows a book by pioneers of cohort studies."


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Wow. Article includes links to videos showing the intricate dance of the stars.

"Models have predicted that triple stars (called trinaries) can, through the stars' gravities, carve bizarre and fantastic shapes in the disks around them.

And now, for the first time, astronomers have seen exactly that. And it's… well, bizarre and fantastic."


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Don't worry, west coast residents. The smoke and dust in the sky are just a cross-promotion event with the upcoming Dune movie.

The spice must flow!

IT in the 21st century: Our IT department wants to drop Apple products from the systems we are allowed to supply users with, because MacOS is getting too complicated to support.

"We didn't call it fuzzing back in the 1950s, but it was our standard practice to test programs by inputting decks of punch cards taken from the trash.

We also used decks of random number punch cards. We weren't networked in those days, so we weren't much worried about security, but our random/trash decks often turned up undesirable behavior.

Every programmer I knew used the trash-deck technique."

-- Gerald M. Weinberg

Finished the book. It was a breezy and fun read. The Studio Ghibli movie differs from it in some ways but comes to the same ending, showing Kiki fitting in to the town, while remaining true to her roots as a witch. I rate it a 5/5.

More in my review via the Goodreads link.


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Hmmm.... 🙂

"In this paper, we show that missions to interstellar objects can be performed with existing or near-term technology, demonstrating that different categories of missions to different types of interstellar objects are feasible within the next decade."


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Will software wonders never end? 🙂

"[W]e've basically reconfigured the stock compiler on Linux so it outputs binaries that'll run on MacOS, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD"


Via Hacker News [ news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2 ].

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"The Paleo Foods Co. recalls Cocoa & Hazelnut Grain-Free Granola because of the possible presence of salmonella"

They were just striving for authenticity.


I went to the store to buy some bread, but they were out of the dark kind. Disappointed, I asked the manager to order some more, because black loaves matter.

bucket list 

1. Acquire bucket
2. Put something in it

The actions of individual Emperor Penguins result in an equitable distribution of heat for the community. Individual human actions, though...<sigh>

"“A [Emperor] penguin huddle looks like organized chaos,” said François Blanchette, a mathematician at the University of California, Merced. “Every penguin acts individually, but the end result is an equitable heat distribution for the whole community.”


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The biggest problem with computer algorithms and testing is that the only people assuring you that they are accurate are software salesmen.

kleiner Veranstaltungstipp.

Am Wochenende findet die FrosCon online statt


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