Ugh, I'm out of coffee, and the beans I ordered only shipped today. Guess I'll have to survive on whatever horror I can find in Sainsbury's. These are truly grim times.

He makes some good points about science. In particular, a lot of the knowledge we will need right now comes from the kind of research that Very Sensible and Responsible People deride as useless, like studying the population dynamics of bats. That is just one reason why politicians should never be in charge of scientific research.

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Social distancing tip: imagine everyone you see is smoking and act accordingly.

Books whispered to me.

I rarely opened them because it was like being inside a roar. The intensity overwhelmed me.

But I didn't mind the whispering; for me it was the same as folks who like the sound of rain on a pond or wool being combed.

As I was leaving the library I noticed a chillingly silent book on the floor. I nervously opened it to the first page; blank.

"Help," it gasped.



Her voice became the sweetest I knew.

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Going crazy from the lockdown? That's how your indoor cat feels all the time.

"The true performance of simulations in this pandemic might become clear only months or years from now. But to understand the value of COVID-19 models, it’s crucial to know how they are made and the assumptions on which they are built. “We’re building simplified representations of reality. Models are not crystal balls,” [Neil] Ferguson says.""

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@qikipedia Worst was having my phone in my pocket on vibrate mode when working in tight quarters on the power side of a rack with of a bunch of AC cabling.

Took a few seconds to realise I was NOT being electrocuted.

@penguin42 It's probably too late to achieve anything by locking them up now. Unless, of course, we never let them back out.

Paper in Science on the effects of the COVID-19 control measures done in China.

"This study shows that the drastic control measures implemented in China substantially mitigated the spread of COVID-19."

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A good explanation by Our World In Data of what the various death rates mean and how to interpret the ones for COVID-19 correctly.

"We’ll discuss the “case fatality rate”, the “crude mortality rate”, and the “infection fatality rate”, and why they’re all different."

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Trolley-Problem Corona Edition.


This one's a real head-scratcher.

An important message from Science's Editor-in-Chief, H. Holden Thorp about COVID-19 cures: "Let’s underpromise. Let’s overdeliver." Not doing so would undermine the public's trust in science.

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Covid-19 should have been named Wuhan Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Then the US could have had a War on WARS.

Epidemics are evolution selecting for belief in science.

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