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Never leave till tomorrow that chocolate which you can eat today.

(Young) Math students of the world, when you don't have any idea of how to solve a problem, you can try to:

- make a drawing in order to better understand what's happening

- try to solve a simpler instance of the problem in order to see if what you are trying to prove is indeed true, why, and what could possibly be wrong in the complicated case

These are very easy advises that essentially nobody follows 🙄

#maths #teaching

I had a bunch of researchy tabs open with papers about algebra and stuff and after coming back from lunch I noticed one tab called "Rice fields" and I thought, "Rice fields? Do I know what Rice fields are? Who is Rice? Why was I looking at this?"
It turns out rice fields are fields where rice grows.

Metrology: n, the art of figuring out how good a thermometer whatever you are measuring is.

So, low income families get subsidized internet at a price point where other countries have plenty of unsubsidized offers?

I have been rewatching the presentations from last year's Timelord meeting. There is so much that I have missed in the first run.

Why can't we just record every scientific conference and make the videos available to the general public? This would make science so much more accessible, not just to the laymen, but to scientists as well!

Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

If you are setting your torrent client to "English (GB)" you are technically not pirating.

You are privateering.

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