Cheapest way to ship something to Mars is to contribute to Linux or ffmpeg:

Sounds very Kafkaesque of them. Have they also given you forms to fill out in order to acknowledge that you have gotten the notification and they potentially could proceed with the next step?

jokes that would be in "airplane!" if it were made today 

pilot: please put all of your electronic devices into airplane mode.
*ted puts his phone into airplane mode; it sprouts wings and flies away*

rex: damn it, how did the media find out?
*cut to a reddit post in r/advice by elaine, titled "omg im in a plane & both pilots are unconscious plz help"*

mccroskey: looks like i picked the wrong week to stop vaping. . . . to stop shitposting. . . . to stop looking at cat memes

Strange things happen in HP3458-land. During the brief cold spell two weeks ago, the room temperature went down and fluctuated a bit (as can be seen from the internal temperature of the HP3458). At the same time, ADC gain drift (CAL? 72) went from -0.30ppm/d to -0.16ppm/d. I'm really wondering about cause and correlation at the moment. While thermal cycle annealing is a thing, there is no hint that something like this might be going on in any of the temperature fluctuations before.

Debunking all the rumours and conspiracy theories is a hopeless effort. Even if you put in the time to make solid counter-arguments, you'd still only be preaching to the converted. A better solution might be to instead spread as many crazy ideas as possible, but craft them such that belief causes only minimal harm, thus drowning out the dangerous one.

We should colonise Mars. Then we can have Martian art and Martian law.

Let me just say. while it's not POSIX, I kinda like EDOOFUS from FreeBSD.

Can someone, who knows the US power grid explain me, why Texas isn't drawing power from the eastern or western interconnection? Either should have more than enough reserves to give Texas the power needed.

Is there someone out there who knows how routing & co on the internet is done today and wouldn't mind to spend half an hour to an hour on a skype call with a scientist?

I got sucked into a large-scale networking science project from the atomic clock side. And it seems like I know more about routing than anyone else in the project. But my knowledge is limited to what I learned from unix administration and small scale ISPs. I would like to expand my knowledge to how it is really done [tm].

This evening's mood:

(I am reading through code that is 36 years old and still in use)

@attilakinali @xtaran
TIA-232-F on a DE-9 connector.
Bring your own VT100!

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