So, @bradfa pointed out elsewhere some details of the SolidRun aarch64 workstation are public. Neat! Even some preliminary performance numbers. Not bad! Now let me just rip on Intel instead for a moment. My current workstation is a refurb'ed Dell with with dual Xeon E5-2670. And grabbing OH MY GOURD MY 7 YEAR OLD CPU BEATS THE 1 YEAR OLD ONE.

@attilakinali @bradfa it just sucks being old enough to remember when CPU from 7 years ago was just simply outclassed by something much newer.

Did you expect anything else? Intel has had 3 decades to optimise their CPUs for maximum performance for desktop and server workloads. ARM is still very new at this game.

@attilakinali @bradfa Oh, no, you misunderstand. I'm ranting at Intel for selling a brand "new" CPU that gets beat by a 7 year old Intel CPU.


Yes. That's kind of odd... especially as both are marketed for servers.

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