Is there someone out there who knows how routing & co on the internet is done today and wouldn't mind to spend half an hour to an hour on a skype call with a scientist?

I got sucked into a large-scale networking science project from the atomic clock side. And it seems like I know more about routing than anyone else in the project. But my knowledge is limited to what I learned from unix administration and small scale ISPs. I would like to expand my knowledge to how it is really done [tm].

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@attilakinali I think you'd be psyched if you could get a little bit of time from @aag

@attilakinali Well, the internets are like a series of tubes...

@mansr @attilakinali from what I've heard this is about as good of a summary you'll get these days for traffic passing through major ISPs.

@attilakinali @mansr @georgem Possibly, but still no moving in to my new house in various ways, so a tad busy.

@mansr @attilakinali @georgem Indeed, and not too hard to get your head around to be honest. What is amazing is how much (e.g. telecoms, and SMS) are not done the same way.

@revk @attilakinali @georgem Traditional circuit-switched telecom is probably done that way because it was originally built to emulate even older systems that literally connected the wires from end to end.

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