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The four stages of open source project involvement:

1. Attribution
2. Distribution
3. Contribution
4. Retribution

@penguin42 There are supposedly people who like Javascript too. And pineapple on pizza.

Dear trollettes, trolls and other people.

What kind of IPv4 notation is 1.65793? I know dotted decimal, but have never seen this one before. Neither can I find any description of it. But it seems common enough that tools on linux and *bsd accept it.

Do the lay-offs at Mozilla mean the fucking up of Firefox will slow down?

Current temperature: All chocolate below 40% is soft.

Time to run 'configure': 6.2 s
Time to run 'make': 3.8 s

All hail autoconf!

just thinkin about this photo of a real life hydra whose job is to blow dirt off radio receivers

In case you are confused: There is a whole garlic hidden in this picture. And yes, I didn't forget the word "clove".

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Subnet masks are a hoax. Wake up, sheeple!

(stolen elsewhere)

Sperm don't move like we thought.

"Using state-of-the-art 3D microscopy, a piezoelectric device, and mathematics, researchers in Mexico discovered how sperm really move: They spin, with a wonky asymmetrical wiggle."

#Imaging #Sperm #Movement #Technology #Microscopes

If you can smell other people's perfume (or lack thereof), you are a) possibly too close, and b) less likely to have covid-19.

Lovely look at how things were (and are still) run in the area of Internet standards. Also how RFCs got their name and why open standards should be the way the world works.

#ComputerHistory #Networking #Internet #Standards #RFCs #IETF #History

"The traditional lecture involves transferring the notes from the notebook of the lecturer to the notebook of the students without going through the brains of either."
-- Eric Mazure

IPv4 packet walks into a bar, bartender says “you look exhausted”.

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