so kicad 0,0 coordinate for a PCB layout is the top left corner of an imaginary piece of paper?

asking for imaginary friends...


@mansr so how do I enter absolute coordinates for a part relative to a PCB corner?

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@av500 The PCB edges are wherever you draw them, not at the "paper" edges.

@mansr you are as helpful as the Kicad people, by not answering my question. assume I have a 100mm x 100mm PCB and I want to place a part at an exact 12.34mm x 56.78mm positio (e.g. from the bottom left corner of the PCB). The properties of the part show absolute coordinates relative to the "virtual paper" - and not relative to the PCB edge. Unless I draw the PCB at the "virtual paper" edge...

@av500 So add the virtual offset of the PCB edges to the part position. You drew the PCB edges, so you know where they are. If there's a better way, I don't know it.

@mansr yes, of course I can do all that maths. my solution so far is to move the bottom left of the PCB to 0x0 and live with the fact that y is negative... and that its outside of the print range... alas...

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