achievement unlocked, installed libc5 and libm5 so I can run l3enc and l3dec

@nm @tbr but mostly I moved to my mobile phone by now - the best camera is the one in hand ;)

@nm @tbr yes, Canon Mirrorless is on my wishlist, because it has a way shorter registration distance than EOS so I can adapt my old FD glassware 1:1

@tbr Reminds me to get the Canon 500 mm mirror out of the box and onto a tripod and check on the neighbours ;)

Fee, fie, foe, fip,
I smell the gates of a microchip.
Be it a hack, or be it cute,
I'll mux its pins and make it boot.

I could really fix this custom board by depopulating the cp210x and adding a max3232 and db9. depoping is always the path to better hardware platforms.

@suihkulokki yes, we cross-dev for ios and android, but then nobody deploys that without extensive testing on the phone right next to them...

everybody is talking about open source software, but what about open drain? gate issues?

@mansr yes, of course I can do all that maths. my solution so far is to move the bottom left of the PCB to 0x0 and live with the fact that y is negative... and that its outside of the print range... alas...

@mansr you are as helpful as the Kicad people, by not answering my question. assume I have a 100mm x 100mm PCB and I want to place a part at an exact 12.34mm x 56.78mm positio (e.g. from the bottom left corner of the PCB). The properties of the part show absolute coordinates relative to the "virtual paper" - and not relative to the PCB edge. Unless I draw the PCB at the "virtual paper" edge...

@mansr so how do I enter absolute coordinates for a part relative to a PCB corner?

so kicad 0,0 coordinate for a PCB layout is the top left corner of an imaginary piece of paper?

asking for imaginary friends...

how do I convert Kicad to Eagle? asking for many friends

@attilakinali @mansr whatever is in the OpenSuse repos. I assume its via the wxpython dep ...

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