Step 1: Assume ${VENDOR} implementation of standardized and mature API is compliant and works as advertised.
Step 2: Re-evaluate assumptions.

Legend has it that Douglas Engelbart invented the mouse in 1968.

But did you know that German television manufacturer Telefunken released a "rolling-ball" device just a few months earlier?

From a technical perspective it actually closely resembles the kind of mouse that we ended up using until the late 90s.

The German patent office declined a patent due to a "lack of inventive step".

More intel CPU vulnerabilities from the same people who found and on the way… 😣
and -to-Leak
Mitigation might cost 30-50% performance! 😭

Dear proprietary software ${VENDOR}. "Works on my machine" is no longer a valid response from your support teams. It is the 21st century - write unit tests!

So it turns out you can put custom boot images on Lenovo laptops

OH: "There are two types of people building PCBs: those who intentionally build antennas and those who unintentionally build antennas."

Source is apparently a presentation by Altium.

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on windows standard installs through website content. Arbitrary browser.
This sounds really bad at first, but at least it is not trivial. But an attacker on the local network could pull it off, think open WiFi with captive portal.
Detailed write-up here:

These might look like normal metal detectors, but they’re “data doors,” covertly gathering the identifying info of your phones, including IMEI no. & MAC addresses. New report is packed full of new discoveries on Xinjiang’s mass surveillance systems:

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