I ran some comparisons of GCC and clang with various optimization settings. Screenshot attached.

TL;DR - A 4-year old version of GCC beats a new clang.

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@emeb That is a bummer. After I saw you were giving clang a try I was hoping for better results. :( Is Apple not using Clang for their ARM targets? Or are they using their own unreleased secret sauce for that?

@esden For this test I used the open-source version of clang that's in the Fedora distro. Scuttlebutt is that Apple / Google / ARM have closed & proprietary builds of clang that perform better than the open-source version.

I've grabbed a 30-day trial of the proprietary ARM toolchain and I'm trying to include that in this test. It's not easy as the linker is very different (command options and linker script are completely changed) so there's some learning curve to climb.

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