@mansr So now you're in the business of harvesting audiophools?

@mansr That'll be fun to recap when all those electrolytics start leaking in a few years.

@mansr If one capacitor is good then ten must be better!

@esden It would be excellent if there were more widespread vendor support for Rust. AIUI even the STM32 Rust environment isn't directly from ST though - it's entirely from the Rust community and likely because the STM32 was (a few years ago) one of the most accessible high-performance ARM families. Now of course it's verging on unobtainium and it would be great to see more alternatives.

@attilakinali @mansr @stux After that recent dustup over the lightswitch circuit I've stopped taking him seriously. It was basically clickbait.

@kbob I wonder if there's such thing as polytonous nerds?

@mansr I prefer progressive house and that looks more traditional.

@mansr Carbonated peanut butter. Now there's something that probably hasn't been tried before.

@mansr I find ear and nose hair to be pretty damning arguments against intelligent design.

@attilakinali @mansr You can always spot someone who keeps cats from the art.

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