OrangeCrab ECP5 FPGA board + LiteX + VexRiscv + Adafruit Featherwings + DT overlays

The rules have changed, again (or: have been clarified): companies without employees (e.g. family businesses) no longer have to declare anything.

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Oh, it works in Firefox.
It also works in Chromium in incognito mode.
It also works in a Chromium with a temporary profile.
It works in Chromium with my usual profile after restarting Chromium. Another snap issue?

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It might be back on track but we couldn't miss the opportunity to calculate how many #EVERGIVEN of e-waste does #Europe discard every year 🚢

The answer? A LOT 🔥

We need ambitous legislation to extend the life of our products now. We need the #RightToRepair ⚒️


New covid-19 rule: all companies have to make a monthly declaration of the number of employees that cannot work remotely.
Of course I cannot login on the related government website (spinning wheel).


Did some LiteX VideoTerminal/Framebuffer tests/improvements this morning..., still a few things to look at but it should simplify a lot adding Video Out capability to LiteX SoCs.


New password strength requirement: must contain at least 42 characters, at least five of which must NOT be included in the Unicode standard.

"The demand for toilet paper has been increased a lot during the corona crisis, as we're spending more time at home".

Of course we don't use toilet paper in the office, at school, in restaurants, ...

Не много уделял времени новостям в последнее время, но насколько я понял, В.В. Столман переназначил себя президентом РФСФ до 2036 года. Может, напутал чего.

Order an extra item to get over the free shipping limit. They send it in a separate box.

"I plug the USB cable into the port -- wait, out of character: is it USB type A or C?"
"Roll for knowledge."
*rolls two dice* "Eight."
"You recognize it as a type A connector. You'll have to roll for luck on the orientation."


Awesome. Refund of pre-installed Windows: Lenovo must pay 20,000 euros in damages for abusive behaviour in denying to refund the price of a pre-installed MS-Windows licence


1 year ago the first covid-19 lockdown started in Belgium. One obscure consequence of this is that my wine cellar is no longer balanced: 60% of the bottles are of 2019 vintage.
I hope 2019 was a good wine year...

Long time no see!

"Unsupported Browser
Please try again with Internet Explorer 9 or later."

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