announces beagle with RISC_V :) EXCITING!!!
119$ for 4GB and 149$ for 8GB -> Awesome!

Full text:

Working with Seeed and StarFive, BeagleBoard is releasing a RISC-V board to help advance the development of open source software for the RISC-V open ISA. You might see announcements today.

Be sure to register interest on that site because the early board release is very limited.

Also see:

RT In den 90ern haben wir auch PC und Röhrenmonitore auf die LAN-Partys geschleppt. Was stellen die sich so an? Und erst die stundenlangen Schulwege unserer Eltern durch Schnee und Eis. Alle verweichlicht heute !!1!


Did I tell you about that time we named our kid <<Name>> (<> among friends).

Eat your heart out, Elon Musk.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Overflow \hbox in paragraph at line 2

RT Nice!

I have an M68k UNIX system, a Bull DPX-2000/20.

The only time I ever saw another one was at a furniture store in ~1998. They had the bigger model, a DPX-2000/30. Couldn't get it though because they were still using it, terminals and all.

Here are both models:



May the #openwifi be with YOU! Our user has two difficulties: HW price, #FPGA dev. To solve, we will make 1st #opensource #WiFi chip for hacker/academy/research in 2 years! We have started the 1st step: FPGA dongle. Your support wanted! Contribute/User/Funding-info PM me. #Linux



Dieter Spaar played around with TPMS sensors and found a way to activate "shipping mode" on some: (Modern TPMS Sensors: Let's try a DoS attack)



Remember my frustration when I used to see these graphics on books but no code to make it possible to reproduce them on my own 8bit computer.


1. Start typing long-ish command
2. Decide it's time to make a script for it
3. Choose a logical name and open file in editor
4. Discover that you already wrote it last time

Always a nice surprise when a tool you wrote gets a special mention in the LWN 2020 retrospective report. :)

For years, my script doing

# All patches must have "From:", "Date:", and "Subject:" lines
for hdr in From Date Subject; do
grep -L ^$hdr: $dir/* || ( echo
Missing \"$hdr:\" line; exit -1 )

worked fine. It seems to be broken by upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04LTS, which upgraded grep from 3.1 to 3.4.
Waiting for grep 3.5 to arrive, after which I'll have to fix my script again...

@mansr @geert To be fair a lot of the commercial programs started out as clones as well; Word was hardly the first word processor, heck it wasn't even the first popular word processor. And our GUIs go back to at least Xerox to some degree.

Please note that the CFP for the
Embedded, Mobile and Automotive devroom @FOSDEM2021 is still running!

Sinterklaas brought some good and counterfeit chocolate Euro coins.
(The left image is a real Euro coin, for comparison)

»Six in a row: winning numbers in South African lottery are: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10
“Lotto exposing themselves that they are a scam,” posted one Twitter user. “20 people discussed this and shared that jackpot equally,” ventured another. “Absolutely no way in hell that’s a coincidence.”«

Makes sense. People who play the lottery obviously don't understand probabilities.

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