One week passed, so I got a phone call from "Microsoft" again.
When I pointed out that their instructions don't work, as I'm running Linux, the lady first insisted I was lying, and not using Linux: my keyboard has a key with a Win logo, ergo it must run MS Win.
Pointed her to, and finally she started to believe me. She thanked me, and wished me a nice day!
First time ever our conversation concludes that friendly, but I still wasted 11 minutes of her time, while reviewing patches ;-)

Yesterday, I taught my daughter her first programming session, on the serial console of an embedded ARM board: echo, for i in $(seq ...), $((...)), ... to print multiplication tables.
Today, she discovered herself she can launch xterm on a laptop, and type and execute the same commands there.

Embedded Linux driver debug steps:
1) check pin mux
2) check pin mux
3) check pin mux
4) repeat steps 1-3 before continuing.

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