More work on the #Amiga watch. Now it tells the time and date! Next to add an appropriate watch face!

@mansr @geert AMD recommends a minimum of four DIMMs, which seems reasonable for 16 cores.
The memory prices I see are not too different for 16GB vs 32GB modules.
I'd rather use four slightly lower frequency module than two DDR4-3200 modules. Going to eight modules would be even better, but it helps to leave room for upgrades.

@mansr @hrw Same as gaming memory: you take some off-the shelf components and select the parts that go 10% faster, than the average, add heatsinks and LED lights, and sell it at a high markup with packaging that features an orc wearing a bikini and lightsaber, or something.

yay, is adding lots of performance counters to OsmoBSC. So he's counter-productive, right? We want our performance counters to be counter-intuitive, so people without a lot of counter-intelligence skills can understand them (SCNR)

The 5g conspiracy craziness are but the latest example showing that a civilization's technological progress is hard-limited at any given time by the quality of education a median member of the society has received.

As a proud member of the Railroad, I look forward to helping X Æ A-12 escape the Institute and start a new life outside of the Commonwealth.

@geert @mansr @tbr @arnd It might be necessary to flush a group before the next task otherwise you could detect the previous drink.

10 years after the demise of the Altix, it's still keeping my wife's coffee warm.

Monday morning, 8h32, 2 minutes after the official start of remote schooling. Smartschool says: 500 internal server error.

My fastest (at that time) implementation of the Game of Life used the Amiga's blitter, which was a big improvement over the 68000 version.

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The COVID-19 tracking app in Singapore is released by the government as Free Software under GPLv3. I am not saying I support such apps. However, it speaks of great wisdom that they release it in source, under copyleft.

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