Time to run 'configure': 6.2 s
Time to run 'make': 3.8 s

All hail autoconf!

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Major love and respect to the Polish MP’s who co-ordinated their outfits to create a rainbow flag at the swearing in for their homophobic president Andrzej Duda 🏳️‍🌈

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1998: Ethereal was first released publicly as version 0.2.0. Its creator, Gerald Combs, thought it was cool that Bob Metcalfe named Ethernet after luminiferous ether so he picked a name beginning with ether. Since 2006 the network protocol analyzer has been known as Wireshark.

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@geert @penguin42 @LaF0rge That message by Geert was a little too cryptic for me. All these /dev/*/by-path are created by udev, see rules in /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/. Maybe he's suggesting to add a rule into /etc/udev/rules.d, then somehow fool libvirt into accepting it?

@LaF0rge I just got a Cosmo Communicator. A little different concept but really nice keyboard.

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Das T-Shirt von @getDigital_de@twitter.com mit dem Design von @blinry@twitter.com und @Bleeptrack@twitter.com ist schon da! Richtig geil! :3

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This is so fitting about by Nat Sharpe.
As someone put it in the replies:
Death Star bad - Flower good!

My toy steam engine hadn't been used for 25 years or so and still works like a charm on first attempt to use it again. Try that with IT ;)

@mansr This is a spin off from the film of the same name; it's ....quite odd ...but quite good to watch (although the ending is crap). The film is odd enough (and bloody enough) to be worth watching.

Stupid git tricks 

So TIL git grep -Ovim ... rather than vim `git grep -l ...`

Increasingly, I am unable to see any difference between bitcoins and the stock market. The value of both appears to be driven by HODL gang mentality.

http://zaitcev.mee.nu/memoir_009 - it only took 9 chapters to come uncomfortably close to those still alive and even active (with a cameo from @geert).

Covid-19 impact:
- After 3 months, it was time to refuel the car again.
- Diesel fuel is almost 0.23€/l cheaper than last January.

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