When writing software, or debugging software, shortening tthe speed of the edit/build/test/examine/wtf cycle is one key element for higher productivity.

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Habanalabs open sourced a TPC LLVM compiler and library for their "Not-a-GPU" accelerators: lore.kernel.org/lkml/CAFCwf119

It's the next episode in below drama – and it seems a step in the right direction due to a "line in the sand" by the #Linux #kernel devs: twitter.com/kernellogger/statu

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Just watched Blade Runner for the first time.
I always find it interesting to see (mis)predictions of future technology. We still don't have flying police cars. But when we'll get them, they won't have CRTs with C64-style graphics.

First time ever I encountered a USB mini-A plug in the wild!
My daughter needed a Ti-84 Plus CE-T for school. While it uses the long-deprecated mini-B connector, it came with two cables: A to mini-B, and mini-A to mini-B. No idea where we will ever plug in the mini-A plug...

Q: The effect will be a return to March 2002, which is not what anyone wants—or expects.
A: Are we sure that this is not what anyone wants?


@arnd@kernel.social @monsieuricon I've moved over to society.oftrolls.com now. @tbr has offered to provide hosting for anyone else who wants to migrate off kernel.social as well.

Are you using GPIOs on your embedded system? Then you might be interested by the GPIO aggregator driver which allows to create virtual GPIO chips in Linux! See our blog post at bootlin.com/blog/gpio-aggregat for more details!

Judging from the recent activity of Linus Torvalds on improving the Linux/m68k port, he must be either feeling very bored, or suffering from a midlife crisis ;-)

A programmer had a problem, so he decided to use threads.

Now 2 has. he problems

A variety of tags on Linux kernel commits 

git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/k has a nice collection of tags.

Note that it lacks a "Co-Developed-by:" tag. While I could find 6 more commits with the same set of tags as the example above, I couldn't find a commit that also included the "Co-Developed-by:" tag".

More info about the tags can be found at kernel.org/doc/Documentation/p

This is the most ridiculous C64 demo ever and it was just released. You need to watch this. youtu.be/zprSxCMlECA

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