Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

Autofocus glasses!
What with the inexorable march of time etc, I find it harder to change focus from near to far.
These glasses have refocusable lenses (from some horrible cheap dial-eye specs), a couple of little linear servos to drive them, and a couple of endoscope camera modules to track my eyes.
The focus is adjusted based on where my eyes are converging.

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Want to program & run a 1960s 2nd generation computer, but don't have room at home? Now you can, with Virtual Flossie! A fully working simulation of the ICT 1301. Use the console dials & switches just like the real thing! tnmoc.org/virtual-flossie @tnmoc@twitter.com @kenshirriff@twitter.com @Grady_Booch@twitter.com

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Remember that it's forbidden to use imperial units on the fediverse


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Playing/streaming DOOM over an ISDN video telephone (128kbit/s, H.320 protocol)

More info on the telephone:

We're currently resurrecting ISDN (and restoring a lot of nice old devices): osmocom.org/projects/octoi/wik

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Manawyrm/status/15

Note how they foresaw cloud computing by putting their diagrams in the cloud!

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The picture has been replaced by a picture of a shelf in a store, showing lots of bottles (mostly non-wodka) of various brands. If you look very hard, you can find at least some Russian bottles...

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Sigh, 572997 s = 159 hours.
I'm afraid the predictions by @monsieuricon about the death of email are becoming real rather sooner than later.

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Records are meant to be improved: "Delivered after 465865 seconds", i.e. 129 hours

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The new record is "Delivered after 227211 seconds". Yep, 63 hours.

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The vger->gmail delays are becoming unbearable: 45 hours to receive Linus' v5.17-rc2 announce email.

Why do UPS delivery persons only accept cash payments?!?
It's been two years ago I withdrew cash from an ATM. A single coin of 0.10€ is all that's left.

@trini Yes, that would help. Please also provide a recent code sample, so I can verify it against stored code.

If you grind a Santa into a fine powder, pack it into a mould, and heat it, you get a Sinterklaas.

Recently I've been doing thought experiments with my daughter, to put the terms from her chemistry class into perspective. Can you eat one mole of M&Ms?

Just got my covid booster. Let's see how the new Spikevax and the old Janssen fight over the right to safeguard my body.

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