Dear #Mastomind: Any guidelines on E-Ink / B&W/grayscale / low-refresh rate app design / UI/UX?

I've recently come into possession of an e-ink book reader, and am discovering the joys (seriously) and limitations (dittos) of e-ink displays and software designed for them.

I've just begun looking for any information concerning design guidance for e-ink devices, and am coming up very short. If you're aware of any such resources please respond to thread.

Boosts welcomed.

#eink #uiux #AppDesign #SoftwareDesign #Interfaces #BlackAndWhite #LowRefresh

@dredmorbius for the greyscale part, it might be worth looking into analysis of the MacOS 7-9 UI. I remember that was high contrast and effective on low-res greyscale displays.

@s0 I can remember working on some large (at the time) Sun workstations running X11 at 19" greyscale circa 1990. Probably at 1024x768 or better resolution (this at a time when PCs didn't even have graphical displays, though VGA was 640x480 -- I first saw that on Windows 3.0 in ~1992/93).

They were pretty crisp, all told.

Though as CRTs, also had high refresh, low artifacting, and emissive displays. Electronic paper lacks those (though the high-refresh-rate video performance is ... sufficient to an enabling level, you can actually watch video or GIFs on it).

The Mac 128K display was 512x342 pixels:

That resolution was retained on the SE, Classic, and Color Classic, though the latter could be switched to a whopping 580x384.

The G3 iMac was boosted to 1024x768. In 1998.


@dredmorbius @s0 Probably 1152x900, which is about the most you can get from 1 MiB of video RAM.

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