Do people in other countries get junk mail like this or is it a US thing?

You know it's cold if your unrefrigerated beer is cold enough to drink (by American standards) while stored inside next to an exterior wall. Also the pipes freezing bit.

Dear BBC/Channel 4/5 etc. Time to admit this thing called 4K exists so don't have to keep watching your new content in 1080p.

Another example of a stupid ass news headline. "COVID-19 exposure on flights is more common than you think." 2019-nCoV is what you're exposed to and COVID-19 is what you get as a result. And if you're in a fucking tube with 100-300 people I would think it would be extremely common.

Weekly covid case rates in all 214 UTLAs. Although it's messy, the graph shows a few things. Unfortunately, there's no way to post the interactive version here.

@mansr are you aware of any USB 3.0 noise filtering dongles that aren't snake oil (I see AudioQuest makes one hehe)? I received an HP Reverb G2 headset yesterday which connects to a PC via USB 3.0 and display port. There are know but unexplained issues with it working on most X570 motherboards. The internet is littered with recommendations from uninformed people (just google to see) but it sounds like it could be a noise issue to me.

Since I've been pretty much self quarantined since the nCoV-2019 hit the fan I've been watching a lot of cab view 4K videos on my 65" 4K while working on the couch with my laptop to help myself "escape".

I'd like to file a grievance against youtube for excessive video compression. I'm assuming this isn't a source issue since it's rather stark in any 4k video with a lot of motion.

Face palming at the utter stupidity on live TV right now.

Took me a moment to see the hidden Easter egg in this one... 😆

9 days since my mail-in ballot was supposedly sent out. I still haven't received it. I called the post office to see if they held any of my mail (my box has been completely crammed full of political spam) but no. The election office says not to be concerned yet. I'll call them again on Monday.

I never read any article with a title containing "you need to know". I find it annoying and presumptuous.

Whenever people talk about UEFI, and it's implications like having to use a FAT partition, I'm reminded of this legendary commit message:

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