@mansr are you aware of any USB 3.0 noise filtering dongles that aren't snake oil (I see AudioQuest makes one hehe)? I received an HP Reverb G2 headset yesterday which connects to a PC via USB 3.0 and display port. There are know but unexplained issues with it working on most X570 motherboards. The internet is littered with recommendations from uninformed people (just google to see) but it sounds like it could be a noise issue to me.

@georgem What makes you think it's a noise issue? That's not at all common in desktop systems.

@mansr it's mainly just a hunch. One thing that struck me as quite bizarre is that some people reported disabling PCIe 4.0 on the system fixed it. Also adding USB 3.0 PCIe cards and using that port fixed it for some people but not others. I'm getting different results on different ports off the same controller (though one is USB C so maybe power is provided differently?) I figured if there was a cheap filter/isolator that was know to be sane it might be worth a shot and handy in general.

@georgem What is the actual problem? A corner-case compatibility issue between the controller and device seems more likely than noise. Have you tried using a hub between the PC and the device?

@mansr the headset contains multiple devices. All of the USB 2.0 stuff appears to be hanging off an internal USB 2.0 hub. In the best case (when plugged into the port coming from the USB controller in the CPU) the USB 3.0 devices works fine but the USB 2.0 devices constantly reset and reenumerate. On other USB ports either nothing enumerates or it's all constantly resetting.

@georgem Weird. I would've expected the USB 3 devices to fail first if there's a noise problem.

@mansr yeah, agreed. It might be a port power issue but the the device has wallwart power so they'd have to be plain stupid to be exceeding the port power budget.

@georgem Does it require USB 3 to work? Sometimes odd problems are "fixed" if a USB 2.0 hub is used.

@mansr long shot but I put a clamp on ferrite bead on it and it didn't help.

@georgem Not surprising. Do you have a USB 3 hub by any chance?

@mansr nope. from doing more googling, sounds like some people report that fixes the issue. The other option is a PCIe 3.0 adapter. Still would be nice to know what is going on.

@georgem My guess is the device is slightly out of spec in some way or does something legal but unusual, and host controllers vary in how they handle it. USB is horrible.

@georgem @mansr That sounds more like one or the other side is not following USB specs closely. Could be the resistor values that got "optimized" or the crystal slightly off frequency

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