Do people in other countries get junk mail like this or is it a US thing?

@georgem Paper junk mail? Not a thing here, with or without Jesus.

@mansr that would be nice. It's such a waste. I've collected 20+ offers for crappy cable internet service from a single provider even after opting out on their website. I plan to return them in person if I ever drive by their office.

@georgem To clarify, there are occasional flyers in the mailbox, mostly for businesses with a local presence (actual local businesses tend to have better decency). Personally addressed junk mail is rare. I used to get a couple of DNS scam invoices a year, but that too seems to have stopped.

@mansr the postal service in the US seems to have a money generation scheme where they'll deliver junk to everyone in a certain postal code for a fee. Others seem to be sent directly probably from some kind of script that parses through public records for addresses (every property has a public deed of sale etc, though this might not work for multi occupant apartments/flats).

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