Do people in other countries get junk mail like this or is it a US thing?

As long as you wear some good boots hiking in the woods after a storm is great. Not too hot and no people.

Building a 3 m^3, 3 bay compost bin because why the F not. Also we have crappy clay soil that needs to be supplemented with lots of organic material.

Next step canning in freezer safe canning jars for double preservation (3x if you include vinegar).

about 50 home grown habanero and scotch bonnet chillis, some vinegar and spices getting cooked down for bottling.

Is sending me a master card and all of this garbage really the most sensible way to give me a $20 rebate?

Assorted pr0n 1. Very much still a WIP as wife and I are still sorting a lot of things out after buying this place a year and a half ago.

Google Lens AI is getting pretty good I was able to identify this plant.

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