Dumb gardening stuff 

@trini flextape does kind of work. At least for a while. Apparently electrical tape can even work though I've never tried it.

@mansr the postal service in the US seems to have a money generation scheme where they'll deliver junk to everyone in a certain postal code for a fee. Others seem to be sent directly probably from some kind of script that parses through public records for addresses (every property has a public deed of sale etc, though this might not work for multi occupant apartments/flats).

@mansr that would be nice. It's such a waste. I've collected 20+ offers for crappy cable internet service from a single provider even after opting out on their website. I plan to return them in person if I ever drive by their office.

Do people in other countries get junk mail like this or is it a US thing?

@mansr @attilakinali from what I've heard this is about as good of a summary you'll get these days for traffic passing through major ISPs.

You know it's cold if your unrefrigerated beer is cold enough to drink (by American standards) while stored inside next to an exterior wall. Also the pipes freezing bit.

@mansr I wonder what language they redirect you to if you're in Yorkshire ;)

Dear BBC/Channel 4/5 etc. Time to admit this thing called 4K exists so don't have to keep watching your new content in 1080p.

Baking stuff 

@trini takes a lot of hand kneeding to get it right. I use the stand mixer.

@mansr yeah something tells me scammer from India hasn't figured that out yet.

@mansr while my previous suggestion would actually be more wholesome I can tell you from experience this is what's happening... Scammer is faking the caller id with a number similar to yours because dumb people (especially in the US) are more likely to believe someone in their town is calling if the number is close to matching.

@mansr kind of like how I hate tipping (so usually never go out) but am totally fine with simply paying a fair price for food/drink which can support the staff.

@mansr so someone got disoriented and tried to phone home (from home) but misdialed and called you instead. It's a Friday sounds totally plausible.

@mansr good points. However maybe the instructor reviewed the material, found it to be accurate and determined that you explained it more concisely than anyone else.

@mansr ah yes, certainly looks like something an instructor might link to. Cool.

@mansr classroom.google.com is the system my kids use to do their online learning since the apocalypse start. Have a link to the page they were hitting? Maybe a teacher has posted links to your site in their material?

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