Today's blog post brings you standards done for mere mortals and marketing.

ServerReady! no, it is SystemReady!

Second part of my series is now online:

Covers BSA/BBR, changes to SBBR, new ESBBR and LBBR, mentions BBSR and more.

Wrote a bit about standards in @Arm space. From board files to SBBR/EBBR time.

BSA/BBR have to wait for next part.

Is there any usable web interface to Mastodon? Something like Tweetdeck would be best.

After some recent server update default web interface is unusable ;(

We all know that AArch64 developer systems are hard topic.

I got contacted by AFD startup. They have interesting project in works.

During weekend I was at demoscene event.

My compofiler written for Atari VCS took 3rd place in 'oldschool intro' competition.

USB 1.1 devices do not work for you in USB 3.0 hub?

Curse Etron EJ168 host controller and replace it with Renesas.

Updated my fridge magnets collection page. Now map can be viewed fullscreen.

Still missing some.

My system calls table got updated to current mainline kernel. Also tweaked part which gathers syscall names.

New filesystem mounting ones, lot of Alpha osf related ones, io_uring, y2038 ones.

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