Evil syntax idea: amount of trailing whitespace is significant.

Will anyone be surprised if that Boeing problem turns out to be an integer overflow bug?

Cirrus Rocks®, apparently. I wasn't expecting that kind of branding from a semiconductor company.

«This proposal goes to the heart of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Church, the very Sacrament meant to be the source of our unity. If anything should not be a local variation, this is it. May the Lord Jesus, the Most Blessed Sacrament Himself, save us from such awful thinking.»

The awful proposal? Allowing Jesus crackers to be made from something other than wheat.


There's no need to exact revenge. Approximate revenge is good enough.

How is it possible for USPS to be so slow?

Stupid quote of the day:
«The problem with free things like FLAC is there is no money in it for most people.  That makes it hard to gain wider adoption.»

1. Send patch.
[next day]
2. Maintainer replies with some minor comments.
3. Address comments.
[next day]
4. ...
[next week]
5. ...
[next month]
7. Still nothing.

Keep a close eye on your browser tabs lest they start breeding and produce tablets.

Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Aren't those already separate companies?

Who do I have to torture or bribe to get Kicad to work with numlock on?

Is it just me, or is the diff pair router in Kicad kind of weird?

When using git in a push-pull configuration, it's important to watch out for bugs caused by crossover distortion.

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