Which do you prefer?

So Venus finally had enough of Mars getting all the cool robots.

@mansr Those are, unsurprisingly, also the longest words at all. The longest non-unique word is "undistinguishable" with a count of 2, followed by "notwithstanding" used 23 times.

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@mansr The second place is shared between "anthropophaginian" and "indistinguishable."

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The longest word occurring only once in the complete works of Shakespeare is "honorificabilitudinitatibus."

This man followed a clickbait link, and you won't believe what happened next.

12 reasons not to read listicles (#8 will surprise you)

@mansr And if that doesn't help, send them to LEO (the constellation).

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Maybe the solution to LEO (law enforcement officer) violence is to round them up and put them in LEO (low earth orbit).

Why do Sony and Microsoft release new consoles at the same time? It seems to me they'd both benefit from staggering their updates. That way, some gamers would end up buying both just to have the latest at all times. For the brand-loyal ones and those who always buy both anyway, there'd be no difference.

I happened to glance at the memory usage monitor and noticed almost all of the 128GB was used, again. No process was reported as using even close to that much, not even Firefox. Closing everything and exiting X didn't help either. Back to kernel 5.7 for now.

The OOM killer went berserk while I wasn't watching and killed everything. I have 128 GB of RAM. WTF? Linux 5.8.7.

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