Which company is worse?

Does anyone know of a tool for creating USB device descriptors? Getting all the sizes and cross-references right by hand seems error-prone.


Why does Microchip want me to install 22 GB of crap just to program a microcontroller?

Pick one.

Some people: Twitter is bad because arbitrary moderation.
Same people: You must block all the instances on this list, or you'll go on the list too.

@revk I am, and I will if it keeps happening today. It seems to have calmed down, though, from 17 disconnects on Sunday.

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Aaaargh, now that memory leak hit the 5.7 kernel too. This time kmalloc-256 was eating everything.

My internet connection has been flapping a lot the last few days. Should I be blaming @revk or TalkTalk?

Anyone talking to Tektronix instruments using the IEEE 488.2 based protocol? I've run across what seems to be a bug.

This is starting to look like a Rainbow Six game. Do they still make those, btw?

Is there a way to not show when people repost their own content (ego boosts)?

I went for a walk and passed by the cemetery. There were monoliths everywhere.

Covid case rate curves for the 380 LTLAs in the UK plotted with 10% opacity.

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RT Stephenmevans1: OPINION: The lockdown exemption for communal worship represents a dangerous double standard. Let's hope it doesn't cost too many lives.
secularism.org.uk/opinion/2021 #Lockdown3

Seen elsewhere: Twitter is ok if you ignore it completely.

«Out of the 17M page requests made between 8–9pm (111M if you include assets: stylesheets, images, etc), we served 21 5xx errors.»

If only the rest of the government were as competent as the web team.

How is the new lockdown different from tier 4?

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