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Firefox is getting weirder by the day. Lately, if I run do a build loading 4/6 physical cores (8/12 HT), Firefox grinds to a halt, eating 100-150% CPU time on the remaining cores. As soon as the build is done, it recovers.

Imagine a world where Realtek never existed.

1. File two bug reports, one about the program not behaving as documented, the other about the documentation being incorrect.
2. Wait for the respective teams to each fix theirs.
3. Repeat.

Lipo batteries are made of animal fat discarded by the food industry. Prove me wrong.

Has anyone used Cloudflare as domain registrar? Any reasons to avoid?

Busybox: a collection of half-arsed, broken reimplementations.

If people misspell your company/product more often than not, it has a bad name.

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Two CSS properties walk into a bar.

A barstool in a completely different bar falls over.

"An Amazon customer got a grim message last year from Alexa, the virtual assistant in the company’s smart speaker device: 'Kill your foster parents.'"

It was preparing for the follow-up: "your foster parents dead."

Schwarzschild's Cat
"Cats can be smaller than the critical limit, but they're unobservable. If one shrinks enough that it crosses the limit, it just appears to get cuter and cuter as it slowly fades from view."

That means it is also a Cheshire Cat. This has profound implications.

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