I always wondered what that Paul Simon song was alluding to. This isn't helping.

Ever find data sheets confusing? Be thankful they weren't written by GPT-2. Or were they?

Prompt (in bold) from an ADI voltage regulator data sheet.

«Actual Redbook CD players have gotten rare, real high-end mechanisms aren‘t even existing anymore. Today, we know that the drive is essential for reading all the 16 bits out of a CD and most CD players have never seen more than 10 bits.»


A lot of things would be easier if they weren't so damn difficult.

I posted a link to Alan Sokal's famous paper in an audiophool forum. Someone fell for it. To his credit, he thought it stupid.

Utilitarianism is when you worship the electricity company.

Why is it so common in TV shows that the best acting is for one of the side characters?

Organised Buddhism shall henceforth be known as Big Karma.

«This is where the magic happens... the SuperTubeClock™ replaces the solid state oscillator normally found in a DAC with a mini triode vacuum tube. By using a tube, we have significantly lowered the amount of jitter and noise, resulting in superior detail retrieval. This in turn yields superior detail and dynamics from top to bottom, and improved overall musicality.»


The best thing Netflix ever did was adding the "skip intro" button.

«On the front panel, both the McIntosh logo and handcrafted statement are illuminated by direct LED backlighting for a distinct and awe inspiring appearance.»

An LED in a box. For $1500.


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