Installed Matlab R2021a. Required less fucking about (deleting bundled libs, etc) than previous version. I guess that's progress.

Fictional languages are a thing. Klingon, for example. But what about fictional programming languages?

Are crimp tools and dies of different brands generally compatible, assuming they look close enough in pictures? I guess this is one of those things you're supposed to just know and that I'm totally ignorant.

If you bought a homeopathic remedy and forgot to take it, would that be an overdose?

(Stolen from the internet.)

Forget Dvorak. For the ultimate typing efficiency, we need a dynamic layout that changes based on the last typed character, putting those most likely to follow in easy to reach locations. Many common words could then be typed by simply pressing the same key repeatedly. Or maybe alternating keys is faster. Studies are needed.

An earworm can sometimes be exorcised by listening to the piece, but what do you do if you don't know what it is?

The Netflix translators are getting lazier. There's a Mexican series on there titled "¿Quién mató a Sara?" After they turned "La casa de papel" into "Money Heist," I expected something like "Murder Crime" for the translation. Instead, they came up with … nothing. The listing has no English translation of the title.

Parents to be designated a protected group under hate speech laws, arrest warrants issued for all teenagers.

What is the point of 117.51.8-channel Dolby Atmos when the available content barely makes use of the rear channels in a basic 5.1 setup?

Am I imagining things, or is the word "survivor" overused these days? Shouldn't it be reserved for events where death is an expected, or at least likely, outcome? Things like plane crashes, not mere annoyances like being mocked on Twitter.

Does anyone know of an Android app that clears the contents of the clipboard whenever the screen is locked? Is such a thing even possible?

If licence plates on cars had only recently been suggested, how much screaming would there be from "privacy" "activists"?

Waves on water make you seasick. Obviously, waves are bad. Radios use electromagnetic waves. It thus follows that they, too, will make you sick. Why are you waving at me? Are you trying to make me sick‽

If the interactions between various contracts and laws is viewed analogously to software dependencies, then case law is the equivalent of DLL Hell.

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