Autism and narcissism are not the same thing.

The winner of a drag race is a drag queen.

Stand-up comedians need better protections. Regulate the gag economy!

Isn't there some anti-terrorist law that could be used against Boris?

Can someone recommend a decent CAN controller to use when the SoC doesn't have enough built-in ones?

Which Netflix title has the longest list of content warnings?

List of people not accused of sexual misdeeds:
- The Queen

In school, I was a bit of a teacher's pet. Pet peeve, that is.

A USB connector walks into a bar, but only after pushing the door, then pulling, and finally pushing again.

The words "uniformed" and "uninformed" are disturbingly interchangeable.

Some people: The "fediverse" is great because there is no centralised control.
The same people: Everybody must block these accounts/instances right now, and also block anyone who doesn't block them. Recursively.

Kid on the street: Excuse me, do you smoke?
Me: No.
Kid: Why?
Me: 'Cause I'm smarter than you.

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