Who's the better agony aunt, Slate or GPT-3? The question is copied from Slate, but who/what wrote the answer?


Brace yourselves, 0.0000001% of Twitter users are coming.

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From the WTF public license FAQ, on profanity 

«But profanity is offensive!
You know what? Fuck your stance on profanity. Fuck your priorities in life. The WTFPL is about fucking freedom and we mean it. Freedom means freedom to copy and modify and share works of art and science with the rest of mankind, but also freedom to be gay and marry and have crazy gay sex, freedom to have tattoos, freedom to say there is no God, freedom to take the pill, freedom to have an abortion. People die for being gay or atheists. Don’t tell me that there is something sacred enough that it must be protected from the mere existence of the word “fuck”. If the F in WTFPL offends you, then fuck you and your beliefs. Triple fuck you.»

Oh, they're one of _those people_.

(Multi-purpose subpost.)

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I was listening to my wife and kids complaining about referee calls in a football game today. I believe this is a common problem - the eyesight of game officials is often called into question. While I was letting my mind wander, the solution hit me.

Most professional and even many semi-pro and amateur sports games have paramedics on site to handle any injuries. In a football game today, for example, the EMTs drive out on the field in a small golf cart.

The answer, my friends, is field optometrists. When an umpire or official makes a bad call, the game is paused and the optometrist gets in their EYEmergency cart and race to the official. The EYEmergency cart would have a mobile eye office and one of those lens crafter setups.

I know, I know. Before you get all excited, I’ve already filed the patent.

The Queue is visible from the ISS, allegedly.

What happens if you fasten the seat belt while not seated?

I guess the corgis will be replaced by spaniels now.

What is your favourite debugger?

For no apparent reason, $customer decided to change their VPN software. Took me the better part of two days to get it working again. Why must these things be so horrific?

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The Guardian crossword from a couple of days ago. Notice 2 down: Dodgy digital currency (7).

Can someone explain the criteria for when a company is "required" to police the morality of its customers? Also who gets to choose what is good or bad?

After some deliberation, I got a satisfyingly dumb 50" 4K display from NEC. It works well enough, but there is one glaring firmware bug. The local dimming is upside down. If there's something bright at the top of the image, the bottom LED cluster lights up, etc.

1. Attempt to report the bug and pray for a miracle in the form of a fix.
2. Open the display and rewire the backlights.

I asked DALL-E for a picture of a jabberwocky whiffling through the tulgey wood. Can someone explain to it that it's witches that are made of wood, not jabberwockies?

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