The war on Santa hats takes another victim. The complainant's name? Christian. Too funny.

It's OK to make fun of solipsists. They only have themselves to blame.

Various people now: Follow these steps to block the evil people trying to archive your posts!

The same people in the future when Mastodon is about to shut down: Everybody please help archive all posts!

«We didn't think it could be any better, but our New "Ultimate" is world-class and then some! We are now using a push-pull I Core design instead of the single core, and we have upgraded our Black Out powder mixture for a broader noise absorption parameter.»

It's a FUSE. A $225 fuse.

It's been awfully quiet about Little Miss Climate Change lately. Did her parents fail to keep up payments to the PR agency? Book not selling well enough, perhaps?

«Using a special process, which has incorporated our 30 years of experience in the optimization of audiophile audio components, the material receives a special formatting information. The formatted material brings about that electromagnetic frequencies are harmonized and electromagnetic pollution (electro smog) is minimized.»

Has the annual Santa hat outrage started yet?

We should all be thankful for the brave police officers risking their own safety to protect ours. The blanket anti-police sentiments I often see expressed around here are nothing but disrespectful and idiotic.

Mans R boosted

Occasional Reminder:

Flagrant boost solicitation (especially as a quid pro quo of ANY sort) draw reports and blocks.

It's at best a cheap shot. At worst it's potentially subverting site / platform mechanics and trust mechanisms.

(Noting that boosts are OK or appreciated is another matter.)

And yes, I've just reported and blocked another profile. Something I've never regretted.

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