On a multi-monitor Linux system, is there some trick to make the framebuffer console use only one display? By default, it displays the same content on all displays, limiting to the size to that of the smallest one (in my case the TV across the room). I'd rather have it use the full resolution of one of the desktop monitors.

Also, on an EFI system, is there some blasted way to get console output before the GPU driver is loaded?

Suggestion for the compiler devs out there: add a " FIXME [date]" directive that prints a reminder if the specified date has been reached.

Why the hell does Firefox call playing a video in a separate window "picture in picture"? Wouldn't that term be more accurately applied to the normal mode?

I'll consider getting a 3D printer when they become a tool rather than a hobby. Consider a hammer. There are no hammering "communities" where people bang on about their hammers and share drawings of things to bang on.

Does anyone know how Firefox on Linux maps CSS font weights to Fontconfig? It is even knowable?

If you're not the most evil person in the room, you're getting screwed.

I finally put my new computer through its paces with an OE build. In just under 30 minutes, it completed a build that takes 90 minutes on the old one. Acceptable.


Step 1: make sure 'secure boot' is disabled.

In an apparent fit of sanity, these guys made it off by default.

Oh no, they assigned issue number 666 to me.

Retirement plan: make a mint consulting for companies that need to make sense of old software/manuals using banned words that the youngsters don't understand.

The Python language is racist because it has significant WHITE-space.

Trolling idea: file a bug report claiming that a sleep for a period including two leap years delays by the wrong amount.

Is there some way in to obtain the actual class object corresponding to a super() result rather than the magic wrapper? I can't find anything better than manually searching the __mro__ list.

Now that NASCAR has banned the Confederate flag, will they also be removing all uses of the word "race"?

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