If you're going to block every instance where someone disagrees with you, why federate in the first place?

Name all your functions and variables using rhyming slang.

Sometimes you want to name a variable 'class' but the language makes it a reserved word. Here are some alternative names:

- cls
- klass
- clas
- calss
- cclas
- clasz
- claß
- claus
- santa

A Debian release (Bluster) is apparently imminent. AFAIK, the most recent package version included is from 2012.

Someone recently raised some ruckus over the name of the GIMP application. Here are a few more that might also offend someone:

- bash: violence
- cat: allergies/phobias
- cp: cerebral palsy
- cut: self-harm
- fsck: f-word
- ed: erectile dysfunction
- getfattr: fat-shaming
- grep: sounds a bit like grope
- kill: violence
- killall: mass violence
- touch: should require consent
- true/false: implied binary nature
- yes: implies consent (there's no "no" command)

And that's just /bin.

Kconfig is missing a "prevent" directive to force other options off the way "select" enables them.

Whenever I accidentally click on a Hackaday link, my reaction is invariably one of a) oh, was that all, or b) oh, so that's what they're selling.

Somewhere, there exists a "journalist" (or a politician) who believes IPv6 refers to the new EU copyright directive. I'm sure of it.

Irony: when a new version of GNU libc breaks a bunch of GNU software due to their use of a GNU "compatibility" library.

What's the problem with face recognition in airports? You're not getting inside without presenting a government-issued ID. They already know you were there, and they already have your picture.

Being religious must be hard, seeing as it requires constant practice.

Why does the filesystem need a superb lock? What happens if there's only a regular lock?

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