I just came across (what I assume is) a great summary of Game of Thrones: "Blokes with beards kill other blokes with beards, while women get their tits out for the lads. It snows a lot."

Don't be so hard on Mr Musk. It can't be easy going through life constantly one letter away from being a felon.

Should I have another coffee?

What mental process results in a person visiting a busy pub wearing a mask? If you're that concerned, why are you going out at all?

I could be wrong, but many of the image descriptions I see around here strike me as being probably useless for people who are actually blind.

A level-headed take on the situation from the BBC.

"Covid: Learning to live with the virus in the UK"

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Rumour has it a certain MP is about to receive a John Deere letter from his wife.

Filtering out #‍introduction posts has made my feed somewhat sane again.

For all the influx from Twitter, remember that they're probably no more than 0.00001% of the users there. Also, most of them will likely go back in a week or two.

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