Interesting commentary on Midnight Mass (Netflix) by a self-described Catholic. Contains spoilers.

According to the Bible, it took Moses & co 40 years to cross that desert. Assuming they moved at the same speed, the "wise" men would have travelled a distance of no more than 200 metres. That "star" was probably just a new street lamp.

How is it that Jerry Seinfeld has to unlock the door for George and Elaine, yet Kramer can walk(?) right in whenever he pleases?

When I was a teenager, I liked to play music loud, obviously. My parents were less thrilled about it, obviously. I was, effectively, given a choice between Grateful Dead and grateful dad.

This bass amp isn't quite right. Nothing stands out as obviously broken, but I'm still betting on dead caps. It's always the caps.

Have there been any follow-up studies on the symmetry of tigers? Blake (1794) is a little light in the methods section.

I think I've been cursed. Can anyone recommend a good hex editor?

Today the first category listed on Netflix is "The TUDUM Experience." WTF? The titles have nothing discernible in common.

4k resolution isn't pointless. In fact, it has millions of points. They're just too tiny to be seen.

If you can't reduce what you're looking for to a three-word query, you haven't thought it through properly.

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