welp. microsoft is gonna base edge on chromium

google now has near-complete control of the web, and they're already using it to push proprietary garbage. i'm sure nothing bad will come of this

@lynnesbian How does using a particular rendering engine give anyone control? If anything, this could make Edge a viable choice for people who would otherwise have chosen Chrome.

@mansr @lynnesbian mans R, using the same browsing engine effectively turns you into chrome. just the face differs. if you control the browsing engine, you control that browser's behaviour and the direction it involves in. people saying firefox will save us. nope, FF is on single digit market share!! everybody uses chrome. which is essentially spyware because it scans your harddrive and keeps all details about any activity you perform on the web.

@Steven_Vervaecke @lynnesbian Only the Chrome browser has the deep Google integration. I'm sure Edge will continue to favour Microsoft services like Bing.


@Steven_Vervaecke @lynnesbian Whatever reasons MS had for this move, helping Google certainly wasn't one of them.

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