Weekly covid case rates in all 214 UTLAs. Although it's messy, the graph shows a few things. Unfortunately, there's no way to post the interactive version here.

Observation 1: the early October peak in Nottingham was about as bad as the currently worst hit areas.
Observation 2: something weird happened around 1st July in some place called Merthyr Tydfil.
Observation 3: the light blue line standing out from the rest in June/July is Leicester.

@penguin42 I remember reading about the meat plant outbreaks back then. Didn't expect it to be so obvious in the graphs. The article also mentions Wrexham. That's the green hump about a week earlier.

@mansr I think the meat plant outbreaks are obvious because a) They happened while it was relatively quiet so they stick out b) They tested a LOT of people and found a lot of cases in the plant in a short time, so sharp spike c) It was caught and contained quickly so you see the spike downwards as well.

@penguin42 Makes sense. Btw, "meat plant" sounds kind of oxymoronic.

@mansr @penguin42 a friend here in the US lives in a county with only 20k people. They have a large veterans home that had 40 or so deaths which rocketed them to the top of the charts in deaths per / 100k population.

@mansr @penguin42 meat packing plants have been a big problem here in the US heartland as well. $deity bless anyone and their family that has to work in one of those places.

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