@clacke Let me know it's any better than S3. The show seems be following the same trajectory as the films, i.e. sharply downward.

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@mansr S1 was hilarious, it was easy pickings with the 80s references, the source material, the feud etc. S2 and S3 were this new story that wasn't quite comedy, more like a coming-of-age story combined with dynastic conflict and with comedy thrown in.

S4 continues that, and I don't think I can say for sure I can rank how good S2, S3 and S4 are compared to each other, they're about the same to me. There's cute stuff, there's human relations stuff, there's Johnny fish out water in the 21st century stuff, there's cringe, there's goody-two-shoes stuff, there's heartwarming stuff, there are more characters and situations from the films to mine and there's some forcing to make the characters fall into what the story needs them to do.
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