Whenever special considerations are afforded on religious grounds, the need arises to determine what exactly qualifies as a religion. I propose a test wherein a belief is assessed for its wrongness, the number of believers, and their sincerity. If the result of multiplying these parameters exceeds some threshold, then we're dealing with a religion.

Take Christianity, for instance. Although many who are nominally Christian do not take it particularly seriously (rarely attend church, disregard most of the scripture), they are large in numbers, and what they believe is quite bonkers. In all, that puts it over the threshold.


Another example might be fans of Liverpool FC. Their belief is that Liverpool is the best football team. While this is clearly untrue (they didn't win the league), they do win some games, lowering the wrongness score, and the number of believers is smaller than that of Christians. Both of these are, however, compensated for by the fervour of the adherents, many of whom go to great lengths to attend as many games as possible. Taken together, the religion threshold is easily exceeded.

With many churches struggling financially, perhaps they could learn something from the rather more profitable football clubs. I'm envisioning a system wherein saints and prophets are traded similarly to football players. Annual leagues could then be held with encounters taking place in RPG form. Surely that would attract more of an audience than a dry sermon by a tired old priest.

@mansr Given that no two religions can define a calendar in the same way, it might be difficult to organise the leagues.

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