Some guy on Facebook takes the same clip from an 80's aerobics video and sets it to different pieces of music. This one is to Rob Zombie's Dragula.

Fun fact: ps is the only command that has a PERSONALITY section in it's man page.

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Finally, a version of this song I want to play for today's kids.

WireGuard removed from Google Play Store due to donation link

And apparently, andOTP has also been removed by Google recently due to a donation link.

It's just a page that says you can click this link to support the developers, there is no in-app payment. yet the Google overlord banned them from Play.

This is just pure evil.

An article on the influential Philips UcD Audio Amplifier, a Class-D Audio Amplifier: "It helped unleash a wave of design work at other firms that finally pushed class-D amps into the mainstream. Today, it is a virtual certainty that you own at least one class-D unit, in your home, car, smartphone, or smart speaker."

#Technology #Engineering #Audio #AudioAmplifiers #History

I found this yesterday. If both Neil's can have impostor syndrome, then yeah, there aren't any grown-ups. 💙

Richard Stallman is basically your weird uncle that your family uninvited from Thanksgiving Dinner after he made everyone uncomfortable with his hot takes at the table last year

The red flag started waving when I discovered the vendor code I'm debugging is filled with carriage returns.

Then despair set in when I found generating code.

Vacation is definitely over. 😟

You don't have to read the entire patent application, just search for "sorry":


(via @qbi)

“what’s the difference between a vendor that only promotes the ideas that are in its own interest and a foundation that does the same thing. Or worse, a foundation that will only represent projects that it’s paid to represent.”

Here's something frustrating in hardware design: vendor designs custom board such that there's no recovery mechanism without doing hardware rework. In this case, instead of providing a dip switch or jumpers, they force the developer to desolder/solder an 0402 resistor switch from QSPI<->UART bootloader mode. Just no thought to designing for development at all.

*sigh* definitely a case of the Mondays: s/

DMA! DMA! My kingdom for working R-Car 3 DMA!

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