“what’s the difference between a vendor that only promotes the ideas that are in its own interest and a foundation that does the same thing. Or worse, a foundation that will only represent projects that it’s paid to represent.”


Here's something frustrating in hardware design: vendor designs custom board such that there's no recovery mechanism without doing hardware rework. In this case, instead of providing a dip switch or jumpers, they force the developer to desolder/solder an 0402 resistor switch from QSPI<->UART bootloader mode. Just no thought to designing for development at all.

The "not doing April Fools" thing? Fully endorse and agree.

*sigh* definitely a case of the Mondays: s/muti-user.target/multi-user.target/

DMA! DMA! My kingdom for working R-Car 3 DMA!

Facebook collected users' phone numbers for 2FA, then made it impossible for them to keep their phone number private techcrunch.com/2019/03/03/face Facebook is not concerned about privacy because it views data as something to capitalize, not protect. Choose services that value #privacy

OAuth2 key/scope bugs are analogous to embedded pinmuxing bugs where you look everywhere else first before coming back to the obvious.

@trini @bradfa As part of the ongoing discussion of the need for higher end arm64 desktop solutions... I'd be far more willing to be on something from fsl/nxp with proper docs and community support than anything in a similar core configuration from amlogic, rockchip, etc. linuxgizmos.com/first-i-mx8-qu

Filling my development system with loads of node.js stuff for a fun FOSS project. I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad right now but I know it's Friday.

Gotta love the React's dangerouslySetInnerHTML attribute. Not every framework warns about security risks in their naming.

I was using SSH on my smart phone once and I looked up for a moment and thought.. TRUCK!!!!!!!

To elaborate on this, here's an algorithm how to DDoS someone and break the Matrix network at the same time:

* Get a domain
* Get a wildcard certificate
* Spawn a stripped down instance with $randomname.yourdomain.org that can only talk to matrix.org.
* Send a join to #matrix:matrix.org
* Redirect $randomname.yourdomain.org to your target you want to DDoS
* Kill the instance, repeat with another $randomname

Now 2000 - 5000 servers will constantly hammer your target with TLS handshakes.

I tried hard to use #Matrix. After wasting a week on it, I just had to give up. The protocol is just too bad, and the federation design is broken. It's impossible for me to run a server due to this. The Matrix protocol *by design* is the largest DDoS amplification attack vector I have ever seen. Until they fix that, I cannot use it. And it doesn't seem to be a priority to fix it, it's just "Would be nice if we would fix it some day".

This must confuse people that don't realize that it's standard I2S/PCM on these signals kindly named SCK/MISO/MOSI:

"Data transfer between the microcontroller and additional board is performed via the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), whereas the operation of the board is controlled by the microcontroller via I2C communication."

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