@trini @bradfa As part of the ongoing discussion of the need for higher end arm64 desktop solutions... I'd be far more willing to be on something from fsl/nxp with proper docs and community support than anything in a similar core configuration from amlogic, rockchip, etc.

@mdp @trini @bradfa the problem is they're not very high end; they'd provably make a good laptop, but until you can persuade them to put say 8xa72 or better in then it's a no go.

@penguin42 @mdp @trini @bradfa NXP LX2160 is a nice chip, and Solidrun are coming out with a mini-ITX board later this year.

@penguin42 @mdp @trini @bradfa also 64GB of RAM and lots of I/O (24 Lanes of PCIe 4.0 or SATA or Ethernet), and apparently for a reasonable price.

@arnd @mdp @trini @bradfa that will be nice; the high end server ARMs from various vendors are nice, but v they v do have high end server prices and are tricky to get hold of.

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