Big Gingerbread Rocket (BGS) poised to win the gingerbread house contest

Failed Christmas decorations 

The only thing worse than thinking Gnome was a good idea is when Frosty falls down and can't get up.

ORD->EDI for OEDEM and Embedded Linux Conference Europe. It will be a great week!

I did some basic initial evaluation of using the open community server. Pretty impressive compared all the usual commercial services I've used over the years (and seemingly I've used all of them to some disappointment on Linux). Works from Firefox (unlike gotomeeting), doesn't bury my quad-i7 laptop when screensharing (like the broken Zoom Linux client), and has integrated etherpad support for notes/minutes among other features. FOSS, so we can securely self-host.

My colleague shared this with me today as we were both lamenting the task of producing slides for upcoming conferences in the next week. At this rate, I'll be looking a lot like Maggie presenting.

Comparison of audio SRC performance has this nice tool comparing the performance of various sample rate converters. Most of the popular FOSS ones are there.

Star Wars on the big screen with the Cleveland Orchestra performing live.

Society of Trolls

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