@nm of course, that's because nobody cares about mainline. ;)

@cfriedt @Crofton I thought hc05 then hc11 was a normal progression by everybody from back in the day.

@bradfa if price is an issue you can crowdshare fund...it's for the children.

“what’s the difference between a vendor that only promotes the ideas that are in its own interest and a foundation that does the same thing. Or worse, a foundation that will only represent projects that it’s paid to represent.”


@bradfa it's the new sanity, my friend. Please note my recent frustration with a custom board that wasn't designed with switch/jumper based boot pins. Depop for life!

@twoerner @bradfa @nm there's enough stories about bad politics and "interesting" personalities around the open FPGA communities to certainly be compared to beagleboard.org

@twoerner no, just a poorly designed board. Could have been any SoC in the hands of this person.

@georgem indeed it is. I also like the new england style IPAs.

Here's something frustrating in hardware design: vendor designs custom board such that there's no recovery mechanism without doing hardware rework. In this case, instead of providing a dip switch or jumpers, they force the developer to desolder/solder an 0402 resistor switch from QSPI<->UART bootloader mode. Just no thought to designing for development at all.

@bradfa for ARM this is the "Ultimate". RISC-V will change everything.

The "not doing April Fools" thing? Fully endorse and agree.

@bradfa certainly companies care. That's why we normally see a licensing policy that prevents use of GPLv3 in products. Or choosing MIT when you business model is to provide a OSS teaser product and also a feature-full Enterprise proprietary version. It's about business model, risk, and $$$. In this form, companies do promote licenses by how they choose to license their offering (they mention it in marketing)

Incidentally, SFC does numerous talks promoting free software licenses at conferences.

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