Some guy on Facebook takes the same clip from an 80's aerobics video and sets it to different pieces of music. This one is to Rob Zombie's Dragula.

Fun fact: ps is the only command that has a PERSONALITY section in it's man page.

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Finally, a version of this song I want to play for today's kids.

WireGuard removed from Google Play Store due to donation link

And apparently, andOTP has also been removed by Google recently due to a donation link.

It's just a page that says you can click this link to support the developers, there is no in-app payment. yet the Google overlord banned them from Play.

This is just pure evil.

An article on the influential Philips UcD Audio Amplifier, a Class-D Audio Amplifier: "It helped unleash a wave of design work at other firms that finally pushed class-D amps into the mainstream. Today, it is a virtual certainty that you own at least one class-D unit, in your home, car, smartphone, or smart speaker."

#Technology #Engineering #Audio #AudioAmplifiers #History

@mansr heh, indeed, I assumed the poor grammar and typos was a normal thing for subtitles.

@mansr I detected something similar watching "3%" (native Portuguese show). I noticed that the English audio dubs and the English subtitles had a completely different translation. I know zero Portuguese but that told me one of the translations was poor.

I found this yesterday. If both Neil's can have impostor syndrome, then yeah, there aren't any grown-ups. 💙

Richard Stallman is basically your weird uncle that your family uninvited from Thanksgiving Dinner after he made everyone uncomfortable with his hot takes at the table last year

@tbr LOL, so rude and unprofessional to ask him to do so :)

@nm also a happy user. It's a rare Electron app (blech!) exception for me. Feeling great now. This room is comfy and I like the plush padded walls. It's converting a multiport switch configuration stream in intel hex format into some c arrays and generating some boilerplate accessor functions. Typical RTOS-like pattern when you don't have a filesystem to read configuration data from a file. I'm slowly recovering from the trauma.

@mansr the customer is doing something wrong, I'm just along for the ride...powerless to stop this crazy train.

The red flag started waving when I discovered the vendor code I'm debugging is filled with carriage returns.

Then despair set in when I found generating code.

Vacation is definitely over. 😟

You don't have to read the entire patent application, just search for "sorry":


(via @qbi)

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