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I could really fix this custom board by depopulating the cp210x and adding a max3232 and db9. depoping is always the path to better hardware platforms.

Embedded Linux driver debug steps:
1) check pin mux
2) check pin mux
3) check pin mux
4) repeat steps 1-3 before continuing.

ogg123 is a pretty poor (awful? not sure I should be public shaming it) music player. My colleague and I were using it in a project just to playback some unit test samples for our audio processing pipeline. Severe buffering issues in ogg123 resulted in qualitative and quantitative playback issues. GStreamer + base plugins is forever your friend. Don't use ogg123 for anything but a cruel joke.

My apu4c4 arrived on Valentines Day and I fell in love all over again. RS-232, coreboot, and no evil vendor kernels ftw!

@georgem wiper transmission linkage broke on the Expedition here such that just the passenger side wiper quit working. Too cheap to pay for an easy job like this so I pulled the broken wiper transmission out with the help of my lovely assistant.

Apparently with these newer ones (post 2008 F-150/Expedition) I can't just replace the bushing (most OEMs use a plastic/polymer bushing here) so I'm off to get the replacement part to complete the .

That entire comment and magic value increment goes away if one just writes the clearly readable conditional for the variant. Clever code tricks typically are in opposition to readability and maintainability.

if (i2s->variant->has_chsel_offset) {
offset = 1;
} else
val = SUN4I_I2S_FMT0_FMT_I2S;

"offset being set indicates that we're connected to an i2s device, however offset is only used on the sun8i block and i2s shares the same setting with the LJ format. Increment val so that the bit to value to write is correct." 😭

The sun4i-i2s.c authors use remap_fields via per-variant quirks to maintain compatibility among all these randomly generated register layouts. The result is that the driver is nearly unreadable to the untrained eye while having the register manual open next to it. Annoying, but I'm trainable.

Best current Yocto Project bug:

"linux-fimware recipe is an abomination"

Even the typo in the title is an abomination. 😉

The audio IP compatibility between various Allwinner parts seemingly has no rhyme or reason as you traverse through the parts that have been released since A10. AW must just roll some dice to decide what registers to change for each SoC.

It ends up captured for a number of parts in the really crazy quirks structs in the sun4i-i2s.c driver. Of course, no useful comments means you have to go spelunk dtsi files to correlate a struct to an actual SoC.

Some popular iPhone apps are secretly recording your screen:

– apps include Air Canada, Hollister, Expedia,
– these and other apps use a "session replay" feature of Glassbox
– Glassbox session replays are essentially real-time videos of how you interact with the app

#ios #glassbox #session #replay #leak #aircanada #hollister #expedia #hotelscom

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called Democratic efforts to make voting more accessible a "power grab."

Stacey Abrams used her response to Trump's State of the Union address to rebuke his statement last night.

Anybody using for web article management? Looks like a good FOSS Pocket replacement.

Some interesting data on U S. commuters and how most areas are dominated by solo drivers. It's only appreciably lower in extremely dense cities with significant rail infrastructure.

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