I have a feeling that the FLOSS movement in spirit was constructed in the previous centralised computing paradigm with timesharing systems, and in some sense is left there. I wonder what its corresponding movement of our time would be, now that the pendulum has swung back from the desktop computing paradigm and into dumb terminals over a document format?

@alcinnz I think so, but not just that. If they used copyright law and GPL, I think we need to do similar forays into other fields, but I'm still quite fuzzy on the details of what that means.

@albin Well, Stallman, Maciej Cegłowski, later @aral , etc have talked about the concept of a General Data Minimisation Regulation (Aral's term).

I do think we should be campaigning for that. I don't know what else.


@alcinnz @albin @aral
We heff a wörd for zis in German:
Literally 'data frugality'.

@tbr @alcinnz @aral dät vass klås enaff to svedish får mi to underständ!

@tbr I was incredibly confused until I realised I had "frugal" mixed up with "frigid" though, so I think I should probably go to bed or something.

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