[…]when blue collar workers suffered layoffs, bloggers and journalists would write articles telling them to "learn how to code". [B]loggers and journalists are being laid off, they are getting mad at people telling […]"learn how to code". That's the joke.

[…]bloggers recoil in disgust at the suggestion that they learn a profitable trade because they no longer view coding as a gentrified industry, and it is therefore beneath them. They are just looking out for their lessers, you see.
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@tbr If only we could change the message from "learn to code" to "teach your kids to code." Get rid of the pure boring drudgery and bring some youth and imagination into the mix. And at the end, not only did you learn how to code in order to teach it to your kids, but now your kids know how to code, and maybe next time you don't have to. (That's too smart and logical, so I'm not holding my breath.)

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