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Finally have a nice setup going for the 800mm lens!
· Had to drill and fit an end-stop screw to the T2-F-mount adapter
· Got a lens-hood (105mm ⌀ !)
· Also a circular polarized filter to try out
· A lens mount for the tripod (had to file it down to accommodate the large diameter)
Now I can balance the setup in its center of gravity to reduce vibration and eliminate droop. The hood should improve quality a lot according to people.
Time for some tests and ! 😎

@av500 Yeah getting mooned, close up and personal and taking photographic evidence is also on the list! 😄

@tbr Reminds me to get the Canon 500 mm mirror out of the box and onto a tripod and check on the neighbours ;)

I'd have thought you'd have moved to mirrorless dslrs by now...


@nm @tbr yes, Canon Mirrorless is on my wishlist, because it has a way shorter registration distance than EOS so I can adapt my old FD glassware 1:1

@nm @tbr but mostly I moved to my mobile phone by now - the best camera is the one in hand ;)

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