Ah, yes, , where "notebook computer" ports in your hotel room are RJ-11. I wish I was kidding, but I'm at the Munich airport Novotel. 🤦‍♂️
Unfortunately none of my computer's have had an analog modem in years. I bet it works though.

@tbr I suppose it would just be more logical to have a modem/Wi-Fi router combo...

@hex that's mostly covered by SIP to analog line adapters. Soft-modems for PABX software exist and support things like T.38.
So you can set things up to play with locally.

I'm sure you could fit all that onto a small embedded board.

@hex One of the few uses I can imagine would be to enable vintage electronics experiences. That old HP Jornada with built in 56k modem suddenly could shine. (Mine also had a WiFi card added at some point and its TIA-232 port put to good use too, e.g. for a GPS receiver)

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