After I realized that 6 pins of the ESP-12F are literally unusable, changed the wiring a bit (I was able to keep most of the functionality with minor restrictions) tihs is fully routed and done. But I don't feel particularly good about the layout; I want to make it more compact.

This is an RGBW + WS2812 LED driver with ESP8266 and 3-A DC/DC regulator. There are headers for 3 PIR sensors, so it's possible to detect motion, and also in different sectors (movement direction on corridors).

The way this works is that if you use 12-V LED strips, you must provide 12-ish V at the input. There won't be any conversion, other than the board powering itself (5 V and 3.3 V)

To drive the LED strip, there are 4 MOSFETs, which are driven by an octal buffer (at 5 V) to reduce RDSon.

It's possible to drive WS2812-compatible digital LEDs, (ab)using the I2S output - thanks Charles Lohr. The signal is level shifted to 5 V.

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There is also a clock output provided, for the rare but excellent LED strips with synchronous data interface. All these data lines have Schottky diodes to 5 V and to GND, to protect against transients and hotplugging.

If these kind of 5-V powered LED strips are used, the on-board DC/DC can provide up to 3 A current, and the input can be anything between 5 V and 17 V. This makes cabling easier (less current - less copper needed.)

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From 12 V you can run conventional LED strips along digital ones simultaneously.

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This is the backside of the board. The carrier PCB is 55x30mm plus the antenna part of the wifi SoC module.

The DC jack is very large. And I also wish it would be on the opposite end of where the LED strip is, not orthogonal to it.

But then I'd need to make this board wider, and I wanted to keep it sleek, with possibility to solder the LED strip directly on it.

I want to keep this affordable as much as possible. A bunch of these modules could do very cool effects together.

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@uint8_t I really like the "⚠️ RTFM". When I get around to finally design a PCB, I'm totally stealing that!

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@tbr it's good advice to read the fine manual

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