It’s a brand new year. Introduce yourself. What are five things about you most people don’t know?

1. My street name is 2oL$IMf4@SGgOaC^q5XF
2. My dog's name is AuHBt4r&2s$n$gCN%9a
3. My mother's maiden name is nX1^L^PX0Kkj!Pz@aibH
4. My childhood best friend was Nf6nP$%9c@cRsTDoVY2B
5. My first car was a $Jvj9Q%XpUpv5WsAdGRF

Originally posted elsewhere by the marvelous Bletchley Punk.
Please don't try to argue with me about this. It's about the concept.


Those were good passwords until you posted them on social media. :)

I'm always secretly hoping this technique will fail on some website because the security question check will be multiple choice. Like:

What was your childhood street?
A: Main street
B: Parallel drive
C: 2oL$IMf4@SGgOaC^q5XF
D: Baker street

I'm really happy I haven't encountered this yet, because it's a shitty design for multiple reasons, but I wouldn't be _that_ surprised if this is actually already live somewhere.

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