Have your GNU Mailman mailing lists updated to version 3? I'm curious if others have seen it more in the wild...

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@brion I've been looking at v3 since before it was released, their Hyperkitty webui showed great promise. At Xiph.org we really wanted something inclusive for the end-users who don't get mailing lists as a concept. Unfortunately it did not materialize.
@ePirat looked again recently and nope.
Also no good migration path AFAIU.


@brainwane @brion @ePirat Maybe I fail to see the whole thread there, but this just talks about migration.
We did figure that out at least for testing at Xiph.org.
It was what we saw after the migration that was underwhelming. Most problematic was that Hyperkitty did not deliver what was promised. The designs were completely different to what it was.
One speciific use case of ours: Offer "forum like interface, but with sensible threading view"
There was a G+ discussion too with some mailman ppl.

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