Did a quick run with the brush cutter and it's powerful enough for most branches. The 4+cm diameter ones take a few seconds, but that's fine.
Then tried the trimmer and managed to cover quite some ground before running out of battery during second pass in the front part.

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Even more toys! 🤩
Chainsaw (brushless motor!) was on sale and also ensures continued firewood supply.
The tiller/cultivator attachment is for next spring, but might prep some area already with it.

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@tbr 36V brushless. Nice. I had no idea they make pressure washers too.

@kmic yeah, was a bit surprised too when I found out.
This one was discounted by like 150,€ because it had been used before and returned. So for the price of a mains operated one I got this. For fully autonomous use you can bring your own water in the included bladder or a canister. Neat if you e.g. take your bike into nature but arrived by car. Or just away from electricity and water mains.
The house has 1ha around it, so could be even useful.

@kmic My main uses are the 36V mower and the trimmer with additional brush cutter and cultivator attachments. Went 36V instead of 18V to have decent power and capacity. Not quite like a professional gasoline engine tool, but for my use looks to be perfect, so far.

@vautee siii. Reicht für mehrere Camper. Kommen sie uns besuchen!
Und noch ist kein Schloss vorm Kÿhli. 😉

@tbr @vautee Ok. Ich komm zum Kaffe vorbei... sobald die Pestilenz vorrüber ist 😁

@tbr I have 18V brushless and I can only imagine how much fun 36V is 🤩

Hint: if you want to use wood for heating make sure it had several months time to dry. Better even one or two years.

@attilakinali yeah, grew up in a house with 3 wood fireplaces and actually later had a license to haul "leftovers" from logging ops from the nearby public forest.
Ideally you want below 6% humidity.
In a pinch you can get away with force drying wood by stacking it around your fireplace.
A handheld wood moisture meter with those painfully pointy probes is pretty much a must. Picking up the one at my parents place is thus on my list for post-plague-o-calypse.

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