Gave into temptation and bought these.
Can probably sell them on for more than I paid when I have had a play with them.

@wyliecoyoteuk @mansr Interesting.
Certainly much easier to focus than my Korean stub aka 800mm Samyang. But much more unwieldy.
Do report on your experiences and fun!

@tbr @mansr Will do.
When I was younger and dabbled with film SLRs, never had enough cash or time to indulge my hobby properly.
I have been playing with some older lenses on my mirrorless Sony and had some interesting results.

@tbr @mansr
It now looks more like an assault weapon than ever, but the balance is totally transformed.

@tbr @mansr
The lens is amazing, considering it is over 50 years old. the focus is pin sharp in the centre, which is where you want it if photographing wildlife.
The trigger action focus is surprisingly natural after a few minutes practice.
Want the 640mm now.


@wyliecoyoteuk @mansr certainly orders of magnitude easiier to focus than the mirror 800mm. super finicky and shallow depth of field. Feels like barely turning the barrel moves the focus by a few metres.

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@tbr @mansr
I have a 600mm mirror, and that's bad enough.
By trial and error, I have found that using the front grip at a 45 degree angle on the tripod ring reduces camera shake quite a lot. It gives a more natural posture and the movement when pressing the shutter trigger is minimised.
I might try the grip on the Sigma as well to see how it goes.
No point today, we are surrounded by Cornish mizzle.

@tbr @mansr
I have found out today that this lens is the Noflexar B model, introduced in 1965.
The 1955 models had screw mounts between the various parts. the B model has breech bayonets. There are C and D models as well as some telephoto lenses.
Waiting for an OM>NEX adapter, so I can use the (very slightly) lighter one without the bellows unit.
Even with both hands, it is quite tiring to hold.
May get a monopod.

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