@rysiek @tbr I know the answer to this, but what if we just delete all of the code in npm and start over?

@craigmaloney @rysiek @tbr I have a better idea. Delete all of it and then do nothing.

@rysiek ....wow, it really is.

Like, "[endless preamble and word salad, and then] First there was this security issue [small-ish, temporary, not relevant for execution], and second [everything is on fire]"

@rysiek @tbr

I copy-and-pasted everything before "This vulnerability existed ..." and then did a character/word/line count:

$ wc github-buries-vulnerability-lead.md

22 992 6463 github-buries-vulnerability-lead.md

@tbr You should drink more hot or cold chocolate. It's better for your health. I personally can recommend "Grand Cru Chocolat Froid" from Spr眉ngli spruengli.ch/de/shop/getraenke

@tbr I'll just add that to the long lish of reasons I don't/won't touch node.

@tbr inb4 "Node.js considered harmful" becomes a thing

@tbr JavaScript isn't immune from vulnerabilities, just like every other language.

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