[…]when blue collar workers suffered layoffs, bloggers and journalists would write articles telling them to "learn how to code". [B]loggers and journalists are being laid off, they are getting mad at people telling […]"learn how to code". That's the joke.

[…]bloggers recoil in disgust at the suggestion that they learn a profitable trade because they no longer view coding as a gentrified industry, and it is therefore beneath them. They are just looking out for their lessers, you see.
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Ah, yes, the two genders… 😏

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Bike rear light test-fitting: 🚨
Cracked open the rear reflector and installed 2 CoB red LED strips (the better quality 1.5mm Aluminium base material variety). Driven by a small regulator it consumes 2-2.5W.
The reflector material does an awesome job at diffusing the LEDs and turns into a nice big red square. Without the reflector the narrow light sources were annoying.

It's a Christmas Spanning Tree!
🎼 We wish you a merry Cisco-mas, we wish you a merry Cisco-mas…
aaaand a happy new LAN! 🎶


Somehow there's a bit of a vibe to this photo.
It's Pałac Kultury in downtown , but any second the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper will appear to open an interdimensional Portal through which Gozer the Gozerian will appear on the rooftop! I'm sure!

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"With Thanksgiving coming up later this week in the states, I figured this was an important reminder for those of you dreading the thought of spending time with toxic family."
cc @selfcare

💡 *ding* 💡
I didn't have time to mess with exposure on the phone, so I did some adjustments to the top picture to get it into the range of what I _perceive_ the brightness difference to be.
The flood-beam assembly was slightly turned in its velcro mounting, thus you can see the left beam edge, but not the right.

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