That juxtaposition tho'. 👀

Spotted on Tw*tter by Scot Blake.

Super i na dodatek jeszcze o Poznaniu!
Jay: "Uwaga polscy mówcy! To właśnie ktoś zrobił z moją piosenką. Cieszyć się!"

Spontaneous road trip and new toys^wtoools for
Bosch GTS 10 XC - Table saw (20% discount 😎 )
Ryobi R18RS7 - Reciprocating saw, brushless motor (compensates the discount 🤔 )

Some progress. Hopefully I'll have the front and back frames mostly done, at least by outline. Then I'd only have the crossbracing/reinforcing left for tomorrow…

Finally, after a failed attempt in a way too windy spot. Now with extra anchor stakes. The greenhouse thingy is in place and the Chili plants have moved in. Also moved the two bed frames and their soil. Time to sow some herbs and stuff.

More progress on my baby steps into woodworking. Getting a bit more familiar with the plunge router, but that's still the flat bit of the learning curve. Surprised I managed the inside ledge without destroying the rest of the board.
The brad nailer is awesomeness!

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