Dendrocopos major major
Great spotted woodpecker
Also stopped by the board of seeds and looked a bit awkward.

A new visitor to our feeder.
Could be a Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella)

Look at this Raptor Fluff Orb!
This one comes and chills out. The others fly away after grabbing some seeds.

Since temperature dropped and snow appeared the number of chickadees has multiplied at our feeder.

The drink of choice for IT admins and SREs!
(stolen from neojima on $othersite)

That juxtaposition tho'. 👀

Spotted on Tw*tter by Scot Blake.

Super i na dodatek jeszcze o Poznaniu!
Jay: "Uwaga polscy mówcy! To właśnie ktoś zrobił z moją piosenką. Cieszyć się!"

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