home made chips are nice,
sex is nice,
- but have you ever tried home made batata-chips? (sweet potato) 🎆 🤯

This is so fitting about by Nat Sharpe.
As someone put it in the replies:
Death Star bad - Flower good!

Sometimes, yeah, sometimes, it's completely like that. You won't even feel sorry sometimes.

Age old unsolved and controversial questions:
vim or emacs
tabs or spaces
Marvel or DC

At least the latter one is now answered ONCE. AND. FOR. ALL!

🌶️🌶️🌶️ Omnomnomnomnom in the near future!
Lemon Drop is already ripe, others are catching up quickly. South facing Windows working out nicely!

After 100 years of using only "ping <hostname>" I am now *always* using "ping -D -O <hostname>". --> Prints timestamp & missing answers. Too often I did not notice that something was lost in between.


"Educational slide. Run bleeding edge h3 with a browser! (those are the canary + nightly logos)"
by @bagder

New try at growing some kitchen herbs and such. 🌱
This shelf ended up in the kitchen after the move, for some reason. As it somehow didn't find any other place, half a year later…
Today I quickly fitted some grow lights that I had lying around. Not ideal height, but let's see. The lower one with the strip-lights has a few centimeters more.

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