Somehow there's a bit of a vibe to this photo.
It's Pałac Kultury in downtown , but any second the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper will appear to open an interdimensional Portal through which Gozer the Gozerian will appear on the rooftop! I'm sure!

offensive pastry, but so yummy! Show more

As John Romkey put it:
Pretty much a metaphor for 2018.

"With Thanksgiving coming up later this week in the states, I figured this was an important reminder for those of you dreading the thought of spending time with toxic family."
cc @selfcare

💡 *ding* 💡
I didn't have time to mess with exposure on the phone, so I did some adjustments to the top picture to get it into the range of what I _perceive_ the brightness difference to be.
The flood-beam assembly was slightly turned in its velcro mounting, thus you can see the left beam edge, but not the right.

⚡ 🌞 - Bike Light From Hell 🌞 ⚡
3 LED modules, each specified at 50W max. Reflector + lens assembly for ~120° beam angle.
Heatsink not suitable for dissipating max power continuously, but easily will handle multi-second bursts.
Very useful to remind other traffic of ones existence… 😎
h/t @MMx for the name!

I made a thing. 😊 🎉
42ish lines of on an ESP32. Time is synced via SNTP every 60 minutes.
Small project, yet immensely satisfying! Will laser cut the acrylic into a round shape.
Next project: multi timezone by adding more 12-LED rings.
Usually I go for plain embedded C, but this was fun!
🍌 := 📏

New toys have arrived!
Looking forward to playing with these Air602 WiFi modules. Really tiny, but need an external antenna, e.g some bits of wire.
Ordered from

"I confirm that the SiTime 1532 MEMs oscillator (in the newer iPhones) stops functioning after a few minutes in a helium environment. Frequency first rises, then drops to 3KHz. Oscillator will not restart after power cycle. Full video soon!" – Ben Krasnow


Bonus points if you recognize what it is.

Yay, new toys!
Orange Pi borads(sic!):
One Plus, 4xA53, 1GB
Zero Plus, 4xA53, 512M
Zero, 4xA7, 512M
R1, 4xA7, 256M, 2xEth 1xWiFi
The Zero Plus must be one of the cheapest AArch64 capable boards currently.
Also a bunch of matching power cables. Depending on use case I can keep the USB-A connector or cut it off.

Seeedstudio has the Air602 back in stock! Just ordered a dev module and a few standalone modules.

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