"Educational slide. Run bleeding edge h3 with a browser! (those are the canary + nightly logos)"
by @bagder

New try at growing some kitchen herbs and such. 🌱
This shelf ended up in the kitchen after the move, for some reason. As it somehow didn't find any other place, half a year later…
Today I quickly fitted some grow lights that I had lying around. Not ideal height, but let's see. The lower one with the strip-lights has a few centimeters more.

There's a certain undeniable aesthetic and mood to
London, LHR terminal 2, deep in the bowls of arrivals. One of my weirder experiences so far, not just LHR, but in general.

Once more for HEL🛫🛬ARN🛫🛬LHR
Nice CRJ-900 for the first leg. Second leg is also exit row.
Timing is a coincidence and not related to present and future political situation. 😃

Ah, yes, , where "notebook computer" ports in your hotel room are RJ-11. I wish I was kidding, but I'm at the Munich airport Novotel. 🤦‍♂️
Unfortunately none of my computer's have had an analog modem in years. I bet it works though.

Visited today. It's been far too long since my last visit. Something, something, walls.
Thanks to @hcs for reminding me of it recently.

Now träwelling with … err … České dráhy!
EC 177 Berlin-Dresden

TXL was quite busy, so no photo, but how about a train station. Berlin Hauptbahnhof, at that!

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