Oh my god, this quote someone posted on Reddit, I'm not sure who said this but...

"I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are."

‘Vexations’ (1893) is a piano piece by the composer Erik Satie that is supposed to be played very slowly 840 times. The first performance, conducted by John Cage in 1963, went for more than 18 hours. At the end, one audience member shouted ‘Encore!’ (Image: Sonia y natalia) t.co/Cye0srbcOB

@mansr It's like the emperor's new clothes. PR insists that they are FABULOUS! 😏

Social distancing tip: imagine everyone you see is smoking and act accordingly.

Social distancing tip: if you can smell a woman's perfume, you're too close.

I thought the apocalypse would look… less like People of Walmart and more like Mad Max.

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Choose your fighter

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my favorite thing about industrial USB-C is that there's at least two standards for USB-C, and this one manages to take USB-C and give it an orientation, because now you have to make sure you plug it in rightside-up or you can't connect the screw terminal

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Hi, I'm bleeptrack and I love generative stuff of all sorts!
I create generative art for exhibitions & events and experiment a lot with materials and machines: stickers, fabric, pen plotters, CNC milled wood, 3D printing or PCBs!
I also love to give Workshops and Talks!

@dirk @rysiek Yeah, I think one of my mailboxes still gets the occasional notification spam from that topic. (If you dig deep enough you'll find me active in the early days of that topic. I verified and documented publicly.)
95%/5% - sounds like what it was when I left all of this behind, years ago. Somewhat sad.
Though it doesn't help that the audio routing policy is written in friggin PROLOG due to some joker at Nokia Research Center writing a prototype in it and it sneaking into production.

@rysiek @dirk Sorry for the tangential question, but did the SIP situation with telepathy, UI, audio-routing ever get resolved?
This was a painful thorn in my side as I tried to have the audio routing done before it went to market with 1.0, but all we managed was the "upside down" hack. 😞
After that I had no internal influence anymore.

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Tangential, but I recently started also using this:
"Certificate Expiration"
It had nooothing to do with a wildcard cert expiring as IT weren't monitoring it at work and having to be manually replaced on a dozen of internal services, nooo.
Also helpful for me for those machines where I haven't set up automatic LE ACME renewal yet…

@tindall Heh, almost sounds like a Derek Lowe blog post from his "Things I won't work with" series. 😃

AT&T: fanciful computer system, Ken. what do you call it


AT&T: and how does this "unix" work?


I worked a bit more on this, and got proper PTT functionality working! The script can kinda setup itself if you have pulseaudio and xbindkeys installed. You'll only need to add `xbindkeys` itself to xprofile, xinitrc, or your DE's startup.


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I'm now at the point where, if I see a link to an article on Medium, I go 'mmm, yeah, maybe not'. Even if the summary makes it look like an otherwise interesting article.

It's because of Medium's aggressive paywalling; I'm now locked out from reading Medium articles. Also, I now realise that the point of using Medium is just to make money, so it's a clickbait flag.

Just in case anyone is thinking that using Medium makes your article more likely to be read. For me, it does the exact opposite.

Year progress 2020:
▓▓▓▓░░░░░░░░░░░ 25% 😱
Why can't this be over yet?

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