@illdfn Right, thought you also wanted the batteries integrated.
At that point, if you also don't want the AC part it's just a MPPT and an AC charger. Both integrated will usually mean an solar inverter that also gives you AC out.
The 48V load you should just attach, through a fuse to the Battery BMS output.

@illdfn There are ones that provide raw cell voltage and 12V and 5V.
I thought you were looking for a product with everything in it?
If not, look at "off grid" solutions, many can charge also from AC.

@illdfn Not sure if there is a 48V model, but there are big boxes called "solar power generator" or such. They indeed come with everything you want.
On youtube you can find reviews, among other people "Wil Prowse" (don't like him but he's reviewed most)

tired: switchmode power supply (black plastic box that outputs 5 volts)
wired: witchmode power supply (strange crystal that outputs 5 kilothaums)

@brion and then we'll move on to "something completely different" … 😏

@anneroth @kunsi
Im kontext Sprachausgabe ist es vermutlich sinnvoll im Hinterkopf zu behalten, dass Emoji und Sonderzeichen oft ziemlich lange Beschreibungen haben. Bei viel Inhalt mit solchen ist vermutlich ein CN nicht verkehrt.

Year progress: ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 3.3%

Look at this Raptor Fluff Orb!
This one comes and chills out. The others fly away after grabbing some seeds.

Problems that appear suddenly are normal for a sysadmin, but problems that disappear suddenly are the things that keep us awake at night.

AI doesn't predict the future. It cements the status quo. Humankind does not have data to train AI on that would shape our society into something not racist or unequal. If we had that data, we would already live in that society.


I hope you start doing the thing. 🤍

(Michelle Rial is the artist: michellerial.com/books)

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Liebes #Fediverse !
Ich möchte meinen ganzen Fotokollegen gerne zeigen, dass das #fediverse eine mögliche Alternative zu den mainstream Diensten darstellt, für Künstler geeignet ist und Bilder es durchaus schaffen von vielen Menschen gesehen zu werden! Helft mir doch dabei und gibt diesem Beitrag einen #boost.

#fotografie #mastoart #support #photography

Here's my pitch for 2022: Forget cryptocurrency, how about cryptid currency?
I will not explain. Thank you.

my new years resolution is to mew!

it’s gonna be hard but i think i can do it!

here goes:


there, all done ✅

Year progress: ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 0.3%

"from a tropical rainforest to the edge of time itself" #JWST

maybe the best launch line ever?

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