my sister once said self care is not arguing with people who are committed to misunderstanding you... and ya know what? yeah 😎

Six Stages of Debugging

Step 1 : That can’t happen.

Step 2 : That doesn’t happen on my machine.

Step 3 : That shouldn’t happen.

Step 4 : Why does that happen?

Step 5 : Oh, I see.

Step 6 : how did that ever work?

Das finde ich extrem witzig:

Hundreds of protesters have taken to the beach in Australia to express their anger at Tony Abbott’s failure to address climate change – by literally burying their heads in the sand.

"Gay marriage will ruin the concept of family" say the dudes who go to a bar every night to complain about their families, to other dudes who're also complaining about their families.

Looks to me like an connectivity add-on board compatible with a A20-OLinuXino-LIME2.
That is indeed a very nice product combination. Good job!

@alva Haven't gotten around to trying it myself, but I've heard the @ownclouders todo list thing is OK:

"Break things, move fast" is the IT industry.

"Move fast, break things" is the furniture removal industry.

I just learned that some people who work in solar energy production have a unit of measurement called a sunshine hour.

It's apparently not much used, but it seems to defined as 1 hour of sunlight when the solar irradiance exceeds 120 Watts per square metre (W/m^2).

I like this, and I might start using it just because I can.

The source code for several Infocom interactive fiction games was published on Github, e.g. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Steve Meretzky and Douglas Adams

@diodelass Damn, now I need to go back and read some of Derek Lowe's classic blog posts on "Stuff I won't work with" again. (Nothing against you! you'll understand if you know what he writes about)

Ahhhh, French public transport. It’s almost reliable.


"ultraviolet" is such a cool word tbh
it sounds like the name of a superheroine

@diodelass Would need a high energy burst of UV-C to have any result, wouldn't it?
Which at the same time would make it unsafe to handle for "average workout population", to drag out a stereotype.

weirdness levels are currently at 94% but fluctuating wildly

(94%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Son, now that you're 6, it's time I taught you about SSH. This is how you ssh into the computer upstairs and play a loud sound on it to scare your sister.

Our second child is going to be born soon, so I need to free up some space... This includes OpenBSD CDs from 5.2 up to 6.0 (including all Stickers), as well as "The Book of PF" (2nd ed.) and "Absolute Freebsd" (2nd ed) from our beloved @mwlucas, shipped from Germany. CDs would be 25€/CD (will donate 5€ thereof to the OpenBSD foundation) and 10€ per book. Boosts appreciated!

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