@wyliecoyoteuk Just a thought that was still circling my mind. Where as FDM is temperature sensitive, you could have a look at SLA. Something like the Elegoo Mars is both small in footprint and should be shed-compatible. Also the organic solvent smell is better left outside the home. (I have the larger Elegoo Saturn and love it, just need to build the garage to have the smell gone)

@wyliecoyoteuk Aw, that's unfortunate. I guess the Welsh countryside (wasn't it?) doesn't have maker spaces either?

@wyliecoyoteuk That's certainly one of the areas where I am happy that I have a 3D-printer. Little things, but big impact. 🙂

@schmittlauch Aw shucks, too bad.So still needs that magic someone™.

@schmittlauch Any thoughts on gitlab.com/fediventure/fediven - at first glance it could be a rewrite and federating in some way.

@schmittlauch It looks like an awkward attempt at open-core.
Just needs someone™ to sit down and rewrite it. From what I hear the code is not that complicated.

@mansr @penguin42 Måns got it quite right. Also when electronics start "hearing" the transmissions they sometimes get upset and rage-quite. ;-)

@mansr I think inside the table frame and within a few centimeters above and below we were in the 10-20 V/m range. Modern electronics are usually only tested up to 3 V/m, but in Germany, manufacturers had to provide improvement measures up to 30 V/m. Usually, ferrite cores or taping grounded foil as shielding to the inside walls of devices.

@mansr Yes, the table geometry must have been somehow resonating at 14MHz.
The main effect was that the Keyboard controllers were locking up and of course you could hear the signal demodulated in active speakers.
Though I'd need to do the math to check if it was outside the reactive near field of the DL0TD antenna.
Also, We were driving it hard with full possible power out of the sizeable amplifier.


“OpenStreetMap’s data is crowdsourced, which has always made spectators to the project a bit wary about the quality of the data,”

^ I feel like this is a reoccurring problematic trope. What the fuck does google maps know about my local park? Why do we assume some higher authority is more trustable than community members?

Why do we assume people are going to frequently waste their time editing openstreetmap out of bad faith?

There is no evidence for this trope being true

Today is Sweetmorn, the 51st day of Chaos in the YOLD 3187 #ddate

@mike @dch @plants niiiice, which varieties do you grow? Personally I'm partial to the very flavorful ones, with pungency all over the spectrum.

@attilakinali I read on Hackernews, that the Texas grid is not synced to other grids, so they are limited by conversion capacity. Presumably motor-generator and maybe AC-DC-AC in case of HVDC lines.

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