@SomeMex @stux my opinon was (and still is!) that you should simply give every player a ball and everyone would be happy.

Throughout history, there have been at least 22 events which were known as Black Friday. Most were crises, massacres, riots, and disasters.

So it's a fitting name, really, for the American festival of capitalist consumerism.

#BOFH excuse #278:

The Dilithium Crystals need to be rotated.

I suppose it says good things about my Internet habits that I have not been adversely affected by the ongoing AWS outage.

"I... can't vacuum... because us-east-1 is down." – Geoff Belknap

RT @yow_conf
Can you believe it?! We're adding ONE more speaker to #YOW20 and it's @aphyr!

We trust databases to store our data, but should we? Learn the basics of distributed systems testing & advice for testing your own systems in his keynote - Jepsen 13.

From elsewhere:
The fact that there is a stairway to heaven but a highway to hell says a lot about expected traffic volumes.

@attilakinali @bleeptrack
Mmm, very nice. I spot OBS on the right. Great tool.
I have bits and pieces sitting around too, but lack time. D5300, HDMI-to-UVC (mjpeg only tho'), "dummy battery" to power from PSU, green screen, lenses, macro stuff. Time is missing. 😕

"NYC Will Have Covid Checkpoints at Key Bridges and Crossings"
I'll be disappointed if we don't get Checkpoint Charlie type signs now.

"A banal mustard essence and care-free halibut midtones are incorporated in the 2007 Merlot from Dubois Bros Winery."


@georgem @mansr
I've always been weird that way. Highest DPI possible, always.
Quite often I adjust size a bit up, but it's awesome to be able to leave it at "100%" and have that insane information density.
Also there's more resolution, even if I scale up, which makes things look so much nicer. That's essentially also what Apple does with their Retina stuff. UI Scaling is no longer constrained by resolution.

@mansr I have a set of two LG 24UD58-B screens. 4K, 24", quite happy with them and paid a bit over 200€ each last year.

online meetings are like watching a really boring livestream but you're the one getting paid

I'm not even slightly American, but I would like to propose that Thanksgiving 2020 be replaced by the Dionysian Mysteries. Instead of turkeys and soft colonialism, we shall have November festivities of ritualised chaos, innebriation, and cultivation of the sacred plants!

What do you get if you drop a Conservative politician in a volcano?
A lavatory.

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