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*Lou Bega voice*

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mambo Numbers Station

First thought: this is depressing

Second thought: at least it's not connected to the internet

Socialists: socialism or barbarism

People: okay barbarism

Socialists: wait no fuck

abandoned in a server farm and raised by algorithms

a fun little tip, when plugging in audio equipment it’s often worth checking the polarity is correct, be sure to look for a stripe or other indicator on ungrounded plugs!

"The most important thing you learn as a photographer is anticipation - not where the action is taking place, but where it's going to take place. Not where the subject is now, but where they're going to be." - Lawrence Schiller

This is a shot of a Yellow-Browed Bulbul splashing out of water, shot at Thattekkad.

#photo #photography #wildlife #nikon #birds #birdphotography

2019 progress:
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░ 94%

"In 1916 [...] Polish chemist Jan Czochralski invented a way to grow single crystals of semiconductors, metals, and synthetic gemstones. The process—known as the Czochralski method—allows scientists to have more control over a semiconductor’s quality and is still used today."

The Czochralski process is now an IEEE Milestone for technical development.

#Technology #Engineering #Silicon #Crystals #IEEEMilestones

re: AWS conference spyware device 

@bamfic @riking @rey Maybe doing A/B comparison to verify the technology? Just guessing.
As to the BLE aspect, it's probably just going to show up as a beacon type device/endpoint. The rest is then happening on the location base station network. There are explicit protocol provisions to measure distance, although I think simple signal strength RSSI is still most popular. Anyway for enhanced accuracy it might use triangulation.
Dumping the device: SWD, if not RO.

re: AWS conference spyware device 

@KitsuneAlicia @bamfic @riking @rey yes, exactly.
For conference organizers this would likely be:
* which talks did they attend
* did they leave a talk early
* which booths/stands/vendors did they visit (share info with those?)
* which other people did they hang out with
* …

re: AWS conference spyware device 

@bamfic @riking @rey
I guess it's a custom part close to the nRF51802:
Possibly an ARM Cortex-M0.
Usually silicon vendors will castrate features out. So likely is missing some of the features that the 51802 has. Maybe only speaks BT or doesn't have AES or smaller Flash.
The chips get 'binned' and if something is broken / doesn't pass, it gets disabled by blowing a 'fuse'.

re: AWS conference spyware device 

@bamfic @riking @rey Immediate suspicion based on the package marking: a Nordic RF device. They make all sorts of microcontrollers that do wireless things. Mostly in the 2.4GHz ISM band.
Went looking, found this:
My bets are on BT-SMART (aka BLE) indoor positioning / location beacon stuff.

@kunsi 8x3,5 und 2x5,25 in dem ein kaefig fuer 3x3,5 steckt. Also 11 stück in wechselrahmen. OK das Gehäuse ist so "midi" grösse, passt halbwegs und klettbinder helfen. 😉

@socketwench *looks at own pile of boards* *nods*
And then there's also IP enabled microcontrollers. That's the pile next to them.
Though I've been successful at finding applications for those. Plant soil moisture monitoring. Automated plant watering. Temperature/moisture monitoring. Door status. Light control.
Still looking for something I'd need that requires computational power and full OS *and* low level hardware.

@lain I see you nicely accessorized with 🇫🇮 product. I approve.

@uint8_t I really like the "⚠️ RTFM". When I get around to finally design a PCB, I'm totally stealing that!

Awesome, just configured the Firefox addon "Temporary Containers" to open every non "always open in"-tab as temporary tab.

This prevents a lot of CSRF attacks, even when websites themselves didn't implement proper measures.

To implement it I use those two addons:


#firefox #containers #infosec #security

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