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This is a pretty neat technique I just learned about from a blog post. #OpenSSH supports changing settings depending on what an external program returns.

So, if I want to ssh to a host that only has IPv6, automatically use a ProxyJump host if I don't have local IPv6 connectivity.

Match host !exec "route -n get -inet6 %h"

Hey #fedidevs now's the time to code a mastodon/pleroma frontend that looks exactly like tumblr

Just realised: with the purging of adult content based on US moral standards, corporations controlling huge swathes of user content and the decline of the number of browser engines.

The WWW is becoming AOL.

Literally one of the first accounts popping up when looking at #GiletsJaunes is some kind of bot pushing RT propaganda, account created less than a month ago. There are plenty of these "agitator accounts" out there trying to amplify the protests from outside France

If you can post toots longer than 500 characters, beware! Your instance isn't running genuine Mastodon. Instead of worrying about what other modifications have been made, let us help. You can find genuine Mastodon instances at

you might be thinking "what is this pleroma you speak of"

well you see, the fediverse is made out of many different servers running different kind of software that is (for the most part) all compatible together, for example i am posting this from a pleroma instance even though on mastodon this post appears identical to every other post, no matter what software the origin server is running.

Pleroma is a microblogging platform similar to mastodon with a greater focus on self-deployment and smaller communities

Try it out today!
yo new fedi peeps

why not join ?
we've got
:blobcatpat: cat pats
:drake_like: drake memes
:laughing_cirno: anime
HTML support
and most of all, everyone's favorite instance admin,
@karen registrations are open for the influx of new fediverse users.

please read our TOS, especially the part about media uploads and tagging adult content NSFW/Sensitive, as we take untagged content quite seriously.

beyond that, content and users of all non-extremist political ideologies are welcome here.

some advantages of using Pleroma instances verses Mastodon instances for tumblr users:

Markdown support (for post formatting)

Advanced post filtering

High personal customizability of the web client

You might also try, or, which would also be good instances for Tumblr migrants.

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Common JSON-LD documents used to be bundled, but they were nuked as part of a commit to “Reduce boot RAM by about 6 MiB”

IRC was the beginning of the federated Internet

@aral @Purism @gnome today I was told that google G Suite for education has 70m+ customers and that in the USA, two schools in three are using it. I haven't checked this figure, but if it is even close to being true we are placing the data of millions of children into the hands of the largest dealer in data on earth - before we even give them a choice.

A whole generation sold into data serfdom.

We have to get the technology you are talking about into the hands of educators.


Uhh, wow. I've kinda noticed this on my machine yesterday. I was thinking maybe the HDD was going bad, so I'm glad I saw this when I did. I'm downgrading to 4.18 right now before I lose anything else.

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