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Wir arbeiten ja nicht nach dem Wasserfallmodell, sondern nach dem Meteoritenschauermodell:
Änderungen prasseln von allen Seiten auf uns ein und haben Auswirkungen so groß wie Naturkatastrophen.

Shout out to @kaniini for adding rich text to pleroma and inspiring us to do the same.

We can't wait to share MicroUI with Pleroma!

And cops wonder why everyone likes firefighters better than them:

bringing all my EPROMs to the tanning salon

mastodon hates remote usernames with spaces in them? talk about being a kill joy

Stop and think for a moment.

This place isn't owned by a corporation.

We are all hanging out in a place free of corporate bs, invasive advertising and toxic unwillingness to tackle moderation in a mature way.

Your feed is chronological, there is no engagement manipulation of post visibility.

Yet that isn't exactly why you opened up mastodon/pleroma right this minute is it?

You are checking up on the fediverse because it is a chill place to be and also all those things.

How cool is that?

Rusty "Bitcoin Billionaire" Russell giving the last keynote at #LCA2019

Somebody made the perfect developer survey – sadly on Twitter, but the results are hilarious.

Ein WLAN-Passwort in einem Briefumschlag in einem Süßigkeitenautomaten ist alles, was man zum Stand der #Digitalisierung in Deutschland wissen muss.

I accidentally a Font Degooglifier:

I was sick and tired of having to manually degooglify fonts, so I made this. Seems to work. Handles both local files and URLs.

Perhaps somebody finds it useful.

#WebDev #SysAdmin #Google

♲ @Marcin Juszkiewicz ( Have Windows 10 ARM laptop with Snapdragon 835 but would like to have Linux on it?

Go to to see how work goes.

[…]when blue collar workers suffered layoffs, bloggers and journalists would write articles telling them to "learn how to code". [B]loggers and journalists are being laid off, they are getting mad at people telling […]"learn how to code". That's the joke.

[…]bloggers recoil in disgust at the suggestion that they learn a profitable trade because they no longer view coding as a gentrified industry, and it is therefore beneath them. They are just looking out for their lessers, you see.
🐦 mombot

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