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Things that take a long time:

1. Continental drift.
2. Black hole dissolution through Hawking radiation.
3. Evolution.
4. Backing up a 250 GB VM to an external drive through USB 3.

Lydia has a motivating sentiment for why to make your code maintainable.

WebAssembly SIMD conversion of dav1d AV1 decoder is up to a 28% reduction in decode time for my sample file in Chrome Canary, versus non-SIMD version with the same compiler. Nice!

Hoping to approach 50% reduction once can remove a couple V8 bug workarounds, and vectorize some more functions... There are also upcoming compiler improvements for the LLVM WebAssembly backend which should help overall code speed.

will some semiconductor company please make/resume making any of:
a) analog bucket-brigade devices
b) long, sixteen-bit-wide parallel SISO shift registers
c) dual-port RAM
d) literally anything that is reasonably easy to use as an audio delay line

if you work with telephone systems and personal-area networks, does that mean you deal in POTS and PANS

Unbelievable. The Cryptographer’s Panel at 2019 is missing Adi Shamir (the “S” in RSA), who was unable to secure a US visa.

Adi in a video to #RSAC: “Perhaps it's time we rethink the question of how and where we organize our major scientific conference."

Are there people blessed with erlang/mnesia knowledge out there? I'd like to clean a DB, remove a bunch of lines, GUI not adversed.

I love when people say "because that's how federation works" when what they really mean is "because masadong decided to implement it like that for no reason"
pwease gdpr notices
just let me click deny all
my 11 y/o niece: "i don't know anything about minecraft, i don't play classic games"

It just occurred to me that all these new TLDs have become a lot like GeoCities with its themed sections.

@Sheinicorn And sometimes a commitment to do it halfway is the difference between doing it 100% and 0%.

When I'm procrastinating doing something, I sometimes change the task from "do the thing" to "spent 5 minutes on the thing". It relieves the pressure to complete the task, and more often than not I spent more than 5 minutes and make some progress, which is better than no progress because of procrastination.

@jpmens I remember gopher, and archie for that matter.

A time before search engines, when you had to know where to find what you were after.

It's easy to get discouraged and feel like your posts online don't make a ripple. I feel that way pretty often.

Imposter syndrome, feeling stuck, and self-hatred can sneak up.

But every now and then I notice that I'm making some genuine friendships and connecting with artists I've admired for years.

What you do does matter. Don't give up.

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