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To all the free software advocates. To the men and women and non-binary people who build the systems that I appreciate and take for granted every day: I love you.

I love you and I will give it all back, some way, one day.

'The classic symptoms of ADHD, "inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity," describe the ways that sufferers annoy their parents, not what it's like to actually live with ADHD.'

*insidescreamingintensifies* 😱😱😱🙀🙀🙀

Pick 2-3 small tasks and get them done so that you feel a sense of accomplishment.

I can't find the original, so I'm paraphrasing:

The best time to start deploying #IPv6 was 10 years ago. The next best time is today.

The plant shepherd’s purse isn’t carnivorous, but it does have carnivorous seeds. Chemicals in the seeds attract, kill and then digest microorganisms. (Image: Mike Pennington)

Someone should make a payphone roulette where you collect all the phone numbers of all the payphones on OpenStreetMap and then pick one at random, and you call it and see who answers. I'd play that.
Half of apple announcements are 'we finally added a basic feature after years of ignoring you' but oh well.

Metropolitan police officers on duty for the Trump visit have been told that no one should get within "milkshake range" of the president.

#Trump #UK

Thoughts in the morning: In every word and sentence where "smart" appears, you can replace "smart" with " surveillance". This does not change the meaning, but puts it in a completely different context.

* Smart-Phone
* Smart-Device
* Smart-City
* ...

Heh, Helsinki metro 🚇 info Screens run Firefox or some derivative.
At least judging by the crash reporter on this screen.

IT has passed the roadworthyness inspection! 👍🤘
🐸 the 🚚 shall roll again!
Foremost need to move it from Tampere to Helsinki/Espoo.

Help is out there. Ask for it if you need it.

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