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"You don't hack a bank across state lines from your house, you'll get nailed by the FBI​." #capitalone #infosec

TIL that dig (rightly) warns against using .local:

dig local

; <<>> DiG 9.11.2 <<>> local
;; global options: +cmd
;; Got answer:
;; WARNING: .local is reserved for Multicast DNS
;; You are currently testing what happens when an mDNS query is leaked to DNS

I just realized realized that there's a N26 interface between the LTE MME and a 5G AMF. Of course in Germany that name is already associated with an insecure hipster bank ;)

A toot's got me wondering about the nature of consent in a specific way; I won't ever have an Alexa or anything like it, and maybe you won't either; but other people will.

And now I'm thinking, if you have one of these lumps of spyware in your home, should you be *required* to offer a formal warning to any visitors? I think so; you're required to place CCTV warnings if you run CCTV, and if anything systems like Alexa are more invasive, not less.

The data from a CCTV system might never leave the premises; the data from these "assistants" goes **directly** to servers outside either your *or* your host's control, where your voice may be datamined for any damned purpose the server owners choose.

Don't feel bad about saying "I don't wanna come over, you've got an Alexa running." It's not paranoia to be creeped out by AIs (or persons) unknown listening to your private conversations. It's *normal*. You don't *need* anything to "hide" for you desire not to *share* to be valid.

Induction stoves are just wireless charging for your food

20 years ago: I wanna live in the big city!

10 years ago: Maybe somewhere on the outskirts will do?

today: Do they have a cabin in the woods with high-speed Internet?

♲ If people don't understand the difference between Git and GitHub, tell them to think about it as Porn and PornHub

"A 5G base station is generally expected to consume roughly three times as much power as a 4G base station. And more 5G base stations are needed to cover the same area."

:blobcatsip: *sip*

Oh, and this will also impact the cellphone's battery. And possibly weather satellites.

:blobcatsip: *sipping intensifies*

A New York Times study found that readers were most likely to agree with a statement if it was written in the Baskerville font. The least agreeable font was Comic Sans.

Hawaiian pizza was invented by a Greek-born man in Canada and inspired by Chinese dishes.

A 2006 Ofcom study found that 7.5 million British people watch TV with subtitles on, but 6 million of those don't have any sort of hearing impairment.


Based on , I tried to order 2 tons of #vegan cookies (with buttercream) at a friends party (the order did not go through).

I hope this had an educative effect, but probably they just turn shopping off for parties.

But maybe talking about nuclear weapons at parties will motivate people to turn of the bugs.

at least ffmpeg's ./configure script takes --prefix=~/tools to mean "create a subdirectory in your source dir called ~ and put a tools subdir in that"

good luck typing rm -rf '~' without cringing and triple-checking you quoted it right fixing it up :D

“GitHub used to be an open and free platform for everyone, but it has decided to restrict Iranian accounts from contributing and being part of the open-source ecosystem”

Never challenge Death to a pillow fight...

...unless you're prepared to handle the reaper cushions.

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