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I would like to present one incredible Y2K aesthetic I witnessed at HARD-OFF today, I was in awe

#Mozilla #Firefox now uses a #Darkpattern to get users to enable #DoH.

I think it is not the first annoying ad for some Mozilla related service, e.g., they have a very obvious ad for pocket and since Firefox 70 for their password app #Lockwise as well.

They use Firefox as vehicle to advertise for every new project they currently have, even when the user just wants a browser and nothing more.

The joy of embedded systems:

Is this a hardware bug? Is this a software bug?

It's both!

What comes first:

1) people stop using ANSI graphics in the output of commands so that all build logs are clean

2) #Github implements #ANSI terminal sequences in their markdown routines so that build logs are actually readable when sent to


I keep pondering creating a social media or mutual tech support site for real geeks.

Accessible only via IPv6, requires DNSSEC validating resolve to reach, and only works if you're running an adblocker.

"Oh, you can't see this site? Too bad. Your network isn't good enough."

Semiconductor chip with a window and it's not a camera 

For reasons, I was going through boxes I hadn't touched for over ten years. I came across this old gem from my college days. It's UV erasable version of a 68hc11, which was a fairly popular microcontroller at one time. I recall recently having reason to glance over the datasheet of a sibling part. It seems so incredibly quaint and simple to me now. At the time in college, I remember being a bit overwhelmed with all the details.

Wanna help feed ducks and long bois, or enjoy the duck posting? There's duck food on my wishlist or my PayPal is

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OH NO! CARMEN SANDIEGO HAS STOLEN YOUR recipe for psychedelic peanut butter cookies!

raspberry pis are great because you can make them into underwhelming versions of other things

Number stations but they're just bots on the Fediverse

Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay. Take time to check in with friends and family, give them a hug to remind them they are loved. Mental illnesses can affect anyone, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Help break the societal stigma around mental health!

While not my mood today, this probably fits for some of you. :borglove: Stay strong.

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