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in europe we say "hello pal"
in america they say "hello ntsc"

I just thought of a cake in the shape of a Hilbert curve to optimize for the best part of the cake: the edges, then I discovered someone already made it! I'm glad that there are brains out there that think about the same stuff as me.

Netizens, it has come to my attention that today is the most logical of days.

Today, 11/14, is Leonard Nimoy day.

Post appropriately.

some thoughts about "OK Boomer" from a GenX perspective 

honestly, given the reactions that the phrase "OK, Boomer" have been getting in the media, you'd think packs of teens have been systematically targeting elderly people for brutal street muggings or something. but, no... it's just a phrase, and a mild one at that. why is it so upsetting?

because it's not rebellious or confrontational, which are things older people are used to getting from younger people. it's straight-up *dismissive*. and it's not something we, GenX, the first-generation children of the Boomers, ever had the chance to express.

our rebellion was taken away, repackaged, and sold back to us when we were too young to know what it was for or why it could be powerful. we grew up feeling helpless and hopeless, trapped in a world where we had nothing meaningful to say and nothing useful to do because Doom was Nigh--the ozone layer, nuclear war, the Y2K bug, politicians that hated us sending us off to wars for blatant lies. Boomers got to have their Swinging 60s--we grew up under the specter of AIDS. we were isolated from each other, so we never realized that we weren't alone. and when we were finally able to get our own voice out into the popular culture, we spoke obliquely of isolation, depression, inward-turned knives.

Linux Foundation bans person for "Tone Policing."

Full article (just the facts, no opinion) and video reaction (with opinion) for free at the link.

people who know Qucs: how can I calculate RMS or arithmetic average of values in a transient simulation? If I try to do avg() of a time-dependent value, I get nan.

Maybe transient sim is not the best way to do this. I'm trying to get the power factor.

I want to simulate active PFC later on, I just need to get a grasp on the tools first.

Qucs is pretty good by the way, except for its documentation. That is worse than of LTspice, which is not a small feat.

@tbr maybe for Christmas if they get used to me enough I can get video of me dressed up like it with a santa hat, throwing them peanuts

It appears that peanuts make you very popular with crows as well as ravens GUESS WHO GOT A NEW GOTH FAMILY

Literal Disney villain shit, I love it °

Getting the maximum amount of value for your rent by never leaving the house 👍🏻

only the following programming languages exist:

From the makers of the Rubik's Cube comes the Stanley Kubrick's Cube

... it causes you to slowly descend into madness

Today I created a test word document with a macro that tries to reverse connect out to a C2 server controlled by me. The idea was to use it to test our firewall's capability to inspect protocols on certain ports.

I was positive that this would fail, but provide us good data for designing alerts.

It did not fail. Full reverse shell with very little indication on our firewalls.

Guess what I'm doing tomorrow? 😓

#infosec #sysadmin

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