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"Life isn’t divided into genres. It’s a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography if you're lucky." ALAN MOORE

I'm always secretly hoping this technique will fail on some website because the security question check will be multiple choice. Like:

What was your childhood street?
A: Main street
B: Parallel drive
C: 2oL$IMf4@SGgOaC^q5XF
D: Baker street

I'm really happy I haven't encountered this yet, because it's a shitty design for multiple reasons, but I wouldn't be _that_ surprised if this is actually already live somewhere.

Know your ancestors: Vor Linux war Unix war Multics. Letzteres ist zwischenzeitlich Open Source und läuft auf einem SIMH Emulator: #vintagecomputing #retrocomputing

It’s a brand new year. Introduce yourself. What are five things about you most people don’t know?

1. My street name is 2oL$IMf4@SGgOaC^q5XF
2. My dog's name is AuHBt4r&2s$n$gCN%9a
3. My mother's maiden name is nX1^L^PX0Kkj!Pz@aibH
4. My childhood best friend was Nf6nP$%9c@cRsTDoVY2B
5. My first car was a $Jvj9Q%XpUpv5WsAdGRF

Originally posted elsewhere by the marvelous Bletchley Punk.
Please don't try to argue with me about this. It's about the concept.

Dear IntarWebSites:

I block JS on sites by default.

I'll _consider_ unblocking.

But you you slam a shitfuckton of GDPR, begging, mobile-app, and/or advertising shit in my face as a result ...

... I'll block again.

You're not that special.

Ich suche Mitstreiter für ein Open Source Einsatzmanagement System für Hilfsorganisationen, Feuerwehren, etc. als Ersatz zu drkserver, hiorg server und Co.

Programmieren wollen würde ich das ganze in Rust + Rocket als webserver. Gerne RT.

As someone who creates ActivityPub services, it's often a puzzle to figure out exactly how someone else's service federates. Like, what does service X do when I send it a Delete/Note activity?

In an attempt to be a good citizen, I've drafted up a file for my fediverse event organizing service I'm working on. Here it is:

I've also started a meta-discussion about how we might start documenting this stuff generally:

Power corrupts, and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely. -- Vint Cerf

And with a couple of more night shots, a very late beginning of the trip home. It's going to be well past midnight when I finally get there.

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today i think i am going to do absolutely nothing, mew

This is going to be the decade of Federated Social Networking on the Linux Desktop.

"imagine a programmer"
[imagines girl with blue hair and black laptop covered in stickers]
[slide transitions to white guy emojis]


Year initialization completed: 2020
Now in progress: 2020
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 0%

tired: 2020 is the new decade

wired: 2021 is the new decade because there was no year 0

inspired: 2020 is the new decade because array indices start at 0

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