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99% of programming is figuring out why you received a banana when you asked for an apple.

(And the answer is always “because you actually asked for a banana all along.”)

"Do you have a positive outlook on life?"

"Let's just say I have Microsoft Outlook."

The fun of being a multi-lingual user!

In case an ABUS smoke detector gives a false alarm, German and English speaking users can press the button to silence the alarm for 9 minutes. French, Dutch, and Italian users have to press the button for 9 minutes instead.


Today is the 10000th day of Eternal September. I wrote something about social media and stuff, inspired by this and the recent events.

*Thoughts on the 10000th of September | viznut* announces beagle with RISC_V :) EXCITING!!!
119$ for 4GB and 149$ for 8GB -> Awesome!

Full text:

Working with Seeed and StarFive, BeagleBoard is releasing a RISC-V board to help advance the development of open source software for the RISC-V open ISA. You might see announcements today.

Be sure to register interest on that site because the early board release is very limited.

Also see:

Have you been running full tilt today? Take a few moments to recharge.

"They've come back round and passed me while fucking off again!"

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Everybody talks about the obviously evil things Microsoft has done, but then they forget to mention Outlook stationary backgrounds.

I thin my new job title will be:

Bastard Operator from Home-office


fedi (/ˈfɛd.aɪ/; noun; plural: Fedi)

The ancient order of messengers. Their creed demands that they defend and protect shitposting by all sapient life.

"maybe we can failover to another DC"
"We do not have another DC, but perhaps we can failover USA to USB?"

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